Evelyn & Morgan le Fay Pairing effect

Hello everyone!
I was wondering after pulling Morgan le Fay, if she plays well with Evelyn & there is any benefit to pair them together beside the obvious Element link. Any information or insights are welcome. Thank you!

Not really outside of the link and tile damage

Elemental DeBuffs dont effect DoT as far as i know and morgan bypasses buffs without evelyn outside of Grazul’s immunity buff. Aerons as well but aerons isnt dispellable


Thank you for your input


Is Morgan le Fay worth taking to the top? I have Evelyn & Mother North fully maxed. Plus, im still working on Kedilen, Elkanen, Margaret & Lianna.


I would take lianna over morgan but yea at some point morgan is worth it

She would probably fall somewhere between my 5th and 8th maxed green i think

Evelyn, lianna, zeline, kingston, greg, tarlak, mn/alby, would all be ones I’d max before her if the options are available

Kingston is an upgrade over lianna btw and hotm next month if ur lookin at maxing a green right now, it may be best to wait


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