Question: people using/having used morgan le fay

As i’m about to start on a new green 5* to level up, i’m leaning towards morgan. However there isn’t too much information out there regarding her, so it would be great to hear from some people who have some experience with her, do you like using her or is she too niche to use often?

Also, how does her special stack with +attack buffs or -defense on opponents? Does it stack the same way as a hero with a percentage based special?

At the moment i have alberich maxed, and evelyn close to max. My other option for 5star green is mother north, but since i’ve already got alby she’ll be on the back burner for a while. I also have elkanen & kadilen sitting at 3/70 but for obvious reasons they won’t be getting my tonics any time soon.

It seems like morgan is the most logical option, unless i would get lucky and pull tarlak or lianna real soon. Looking forward to hearing other peoples opinions!

She is a good tank and one of the best wing’s heroes on alliance wars.
Her ATK is good for tile damage and while her special wouldn’t do much damage on a titan it could be very helpful against other heroes. Nice survivability.

(I don’t have her)

The only thing that increase DoT’s base damage is the attack a hero have, modified by his troop only: no ATK or DEF buffs increase DoT’s damage.


I am using her really frequently in PVP attack.
Additionally she has got a reserved place in my alliance war defense team regardless of the war modifier. She is almost everytime the last lady standing on the field. Sometimes even with mutliple attacks she was able to defeat.

For attacks it is a kind of fire and forget weapon against slow opponents. But she is not a killer.

Evelyn just helps out for tile damage but not for special attack.

Please also notice that her special requires her to stay alive. Therefore she is not the backbone of the attack team but a really helpful supporter. That means the most dangerous opponents must be taken out by heavy hitters while Morgan le Fay is concentrating on the wings.

As described she is good and i use her in war and pvp. She is part of my mono green or if i use 3-2 (together with greg and evelyn).
Her healing skill makes her valuable

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What healing skill? She drains HP over time on one target and gives herself an elemental defense buff.

What she drains, she gains.


I’ve personally always wanted to max Morgan but never pulled the trigger. She was a lot of fun to play with on Beta and when she casts, she is really difficult to kill. My opinion is that she is good on attack, so so on defense. I know @Dator has Morgan maxed and uses her so he should be able to give you good advice.

One other thing, since you do have Evelyn, I might sit on the tonics and try for Lianna through tc20 and/or pulls. The Evelyn Lianna combo is one of the best in the game


OK, gotcha. Having not played with her, the wording on the card can be misleading (to me at least). Thanks.

Morgan Le Fay is the best fast green hero to put on your AW defense when it’s Healing Aid mode.
She simply doesn’t die. Specially on the corner where she gets few tiles, she usually is left for last. Then healing aid heals her, on the other turn she fires (less heroes on defense, faster is the mana charge), and on the other she heals herself. Then on next turn healing aid heals her again. It’s an absurd cycle and if the offense has only one or two heroes left that dont do that much damage enough to kill her on the same turn, the fight lasts forever or she wins.


Don’t forget the class system, the sorcerer delay is a good talent, how does she stack up versus your other sorcerers?
I put Evelyn on hold at 4-18 to work on Morgan since I have NO strong sorcerers (4* or 5*) and not enough Wizards to have a team for Mysticism challenge event.
Having faced her in raids, she is tough. Fast self healer with the elemental buff. She isn’t the game changer but will eat your team from the inside if you aren’t careful, good ally to have.

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Lots of good insights! Sorcerer class is indeed quite sparse, my only other sorcerer option is mitsuko which i will start leveling soon.

I am becoming a Morgan fan. I do not believe she is great on defense at this moment but on offense she is a beast. Her life steal allows her to heal which is key. When i use Morgan i throw her special on a wing hero or someone that will not die right away because I want keep Morgan healed. If you are able to get life steal done on two heroes she’s unstoppable. She has saved me many times with her life steal and able to get back to full health in a few turns.

She will not be able to turn the tide of a raid instantly but give it a few turns and she will make her presence known. Raid with her and get familiar with how she works. Something I learned is that you dont want to use her to kill heroes because you want that life steal. Put her special on full health heroes to make her tanky.


Best decision I ever made. Morgan is bae. I can’t count the amount of times she’s been the last standing on raid offence vs 2 or 3 opponents and won. As mentioned enough times, she is crazy with war aid.


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