Morgan La Fey or The Hatter

I have enough resources to level up one of them and was just wondering which one I should do?

I already have a fully leveled Evelyn, Peters. I do have an Elkanen that I was gonna start working on too. Any tips or advice would br greatly appreciated.

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I would go up Evelyn, because she has an elemental debuff that helps a lot by going in a 3x2 ratio… in this case 3 greens and 2 of another color, even in mono color !!!

Eu subiria Evelyn, pois ela tem um debuff elemental que ajuda muito indo numa proporção de 3x2… no caso 3 verdes e 2 de outra cor, até mesmo no mono cor!!!

If you have L23 mana troop, then I’d say Hatter, as he should fire same time as Evelyn for good damage. Evelyn and Morgan have no synergy really

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Thanks everyone! Looks like I’ll level up Hatter to pair up with Evelyn

Hatter is now just that little bit better with the recent buff.

Because you already have Evelyn maxed Hatter is the obvious answer because he will benefit from her elemental debuff when firing.

There are some times where you will want to fire Hatter first if the enemy’s buffs are very valuable to you (Eve would debuff the three she hits) like a HoT or strong attack boost. At least you will have the option and this gives you a dubuff-3 and a debuff.

Elkanen is not a bad choice at all.

I have him maxed and emblemed to node 18, and he is super awesome. He is a classic hero that is well balance and people always underestimate him.

With his special skill to hit and heal himself and fast mana speed, he can stand as center tank. I used him before I have maxed Telluria. I intentionally put emblems for him on the sword path because the harder he hits, the more he heals himself (in fast mana speed). After my Telluria is on duty as tank, Elkanen is joining the green-stack war attacking team and he does perform very well too.

I wish I can draw his costume to even enhance his overall stats since I have him in talent node 18 already.

Thank you all for your input! I finish out Hatter and then definitely work on Elkanen. Hopefully I can get a manna troop for Elk

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