Evaluate my roster and Next step advising

Hello guys . Im playing since later august 2019 .
I will share with you my roster , the mats i have and my leveling plan for the short term.

Here my roster !


Compass 2
Gloves 5
Hidden Blades 9
Warm capes 6
Shields 6
Trap tools 7
Orbs 2

Tonic 12
Darts 6
Rings 4
Scopes 4
Tabards 5

My leveling plan are some 3*

second bjorn

Then id like to max mist on yellow but im missing only 2 orbs to finally Ascend Joon

Regarding my other 5* i dont have the mats as you can see to max them asap. Should i Focus on any of the epics i have on 3/60? Which are the best ones ?

Thanks in advance

Pd: i have not attached some heroes that i have duplicated but in first ascension. X2 Grimm, gormek, colen, li xiu


Hi, what is your already maxed hero? or share the link, so that we can see from there (HeroPlan).

EDIT: oops… there are already also showed the maxed too… sorry, my false.

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Hello friend .
I have attached the image above . Those which have a * close to their name are maxed . If they have a number those are the emblems .

Can you see the image?

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Purple: I think Grimble 3.70 is sturdy and great as additional utility, and also Aeron is also great avarage healer, with bonus undispellable immune nearbly. 2nd Rigard is also great for wars.
Yellow: I agree Joon is great solid sniper. Mist is very good. Kvasir is very good for turney bloody battle.
Blue: Triton is great sniper with high att stat (solid blue sniper). Richard is also great for tank candidate.
Green: Gadeirus is great, I use him for my green stack in attack war, because some how my oppponent have use so many blue tank so far. And also variety usable great in Rush Attack turney. Then maybe next is 2nd Melendor, because you already have the costume, I also want to level my 2nd Melendor later.
Red: Grazul and JF are great utility, but I prefer Grazul. And 2nd Boldtusk plus costume bonus stat is great. Namahage and Ei-Dunn is solid for turney and event.

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Thanks Jin !

I will level those 3* ASAP . They are cheap to do

Regarding mist i think its better to Focus on Joon right ? With only two orbs missing

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Yes, you already have 4* yellow 3x maxed, it is great start to max a 5*, and I mean Joon is best, so I think just do it :muscle:


Would you rather have an Aeron at 3.70 or another Rigard maxed? I find many ppl opt for a second Rigard maxed than Aeron at 3.70.

Rigard#2 (uncostumed rigard works great with aeron)
Sonya#2 (if you have another one)

You’ve got some great 3s that can work well in events and raid tournaments too. I’m not familiar with all of them, but maxed Namahage, Kvasir and Nordi.


I’d do your 3* first, since they’re quick and don’t need mats.

After that, take Grumble to 3/70. Mist to max. Triton to max. Gadeirus to max. Grazul to max.

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Yes id do , i will start with reds that is my weak colour on 3* stars

Que buena amigo seguro es muy util para los que estamos comenzando