My hero roster (advise welcome)

Hello everyone,

My current hero roster is Rigard/Balthazar - Chao - Sonya - Melendor - Boldtusk. The dark hero depends on the situation.

I feel like I have too little fire power and too many healers in my current team. I am leveling up some other heroes, but I would like to know your tips. What would you do with the given heroes and mats?

  1. My Dark heroes+mats:


  1. My Holy heroes+mats:


  1. My Ice heroes+mats:


  1. My Nature heroes+mats:


  1. My Fire heroes+mats:


Thank you in advance for your time, effort and feedback.


Healer: rigard, melendor, boldtusk
Firepower: grimm, gormek, tiburtus, caedmon, sonya, joon
Defense: boril, cyprian
Others that important to max: proteus


Build yourself a 3* rainbow team, and then go for the 4* ones. Leave the 5* quiet for a while. Being that said, I would follow this path:

Purple: Rigard-Tiburtus-Proteus
Yellow: Bane-Gretel-Chao
Blue: Gato-Grimm-Sonya
Green: Brienne-Melendor-Caedmon
Red: Hawkmoon-Falcon-Boldtusk

Even 2 3* rainbow teams would be good, and level 1 hero per color. If you keep leveling all heroes at the same time you will never finish and won’t get full benefit of any of them


Finish your lower * heroes first like Gil-Ra, Bane, Melia, Gato, Mnesseus, Muggy, and Brienne. You’d be surprised how far a 3* team goes in this game. Once you have that then you’ll be able to complete the rare quests that come around every 2 weeks to get those rare ascension mats needed for your higher * heroes. Think long term here and you’ll see progress


Think of this game as a marathon rather than a sprint race. With that in mind finish 2 or 3 x 3* rainbow teams. They will get you the mats for your 4* and 5* levelling.
That said if you reject that advice, I would focus on:
Rigard, Proteus and Tiburtus
Chao and Gretel
Sonya and Grimm
Melendor, Caedmon and Kashhrek
Boldtusk and Gormek and G. Falcon
Good luck


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