Epic hero tokens – where do you spend yours?

Where did you spend your epic hero tokens? What would you recommend? I have like 15 of them and I am saving them… but i don´t know whatfor… :smile:

I can use them only for seasonal events or for epic hero summon, right? I won´t be able to wait until next morlovia / christmas… so maybe Sand Empire should be worth it? Or do you spend them on normal epic hero summon? Thanks!

You are correct that you can only use them for seasonals and for the normal epic hero pulls. I generally save mine for the seasonal pulls, because that’s the only way those tokens might get you a hero who’s not in TC20.


If you are starting out, just use epic hero tokens (EHT) as you get them. If by good fortune you draw the hero of the month, then hold remaining EHT until the following month.

If you’re not in any hurry to get new heroes, then hold EHT until a seasonal event. The spring heroes are not as good as the summer heroes, so I’m holding mine until the summer.


They tend to update seasonals so maybe the spring seasonal might have either new or improved hero’s. I’d wait and see.

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Didn´t know that… I case they will improve / change spring heroes, i will use them there… if not, i will wait till summer… thank you all!

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To be fair Winter was the first seasonal repeat and it was updated so it’s not really confirmed yet if spring is updated or not.

Just curious… playing just 4 months… which heroes were at the first winter seasonal? I can google it but…

First Winter Event didn’t have any heroes.

Spring Event was the first repeat (first one was in April 2017) and as far as I know they buffed the Bunnies.

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Agh didn’t know that thought it was introduced in 2018.

There was a winter seasonal event, with the frozen tiles, but it didn’t have heroes.

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I have several epic hero tokens saved from a couple months. The software only shows available tokens to spend these on the standard epic hero pull and not the current knights avalon event. The only way for me to summon via the special event is to use 300 gems.

Is there a way I can apply my epic hero tokens to the special events?

I wonder if this is a bug in the software because the word “Free” shows up next to the standard epic hero summon button but not the special event summon button.

Thanks in advance.

Epic Hero Token can use at Seasonal Summon, not Event Summon.

Seasonal Summon:

Event Summon:

look at this:


thanks for the helpful info @jinbatsu

Thank you! A really got info for newbies like me

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What seasonal do people actually use theirs at?

I don’t like the look of any in Easter, not that keen on many in the Sand empire but the Vampires looked ok to me.

I’ve got 5 tokens burning a hole in my pocket haha

Last year I skipped bunnies and vampires. This year I may skip the chess pieces too (I already landed Arman) and go all out for Big Momma (and land me a Rudolph).

I too have a huge surplus of 5 EHT.


I don’t think I have a single seasonal hero thinking about it.

I went in for the christmas heroes but but nothing. Really wanted Mother North but I’m not saving until next xmas haha.

A few of the sand empire heroes look useful and there are more of them.

Will there be new vampires introduced do you think?

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Mine are all 3*: Arman, Vlad, and, umm, no that’s it.

I have exactly one event hero: Guardian Bat.

I would think eventually yes, but not until they’ve finished with the events.

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SpringVale: already have 1x Squirle Wabbit and 1x Jack O’Harre both maxed
Halloween: 1x Valeria maxed
Sand Empire: already have 1x Arman (maxed), 1x Gafar (maxed) and 1x Jabbar (leveling), no Hissan!
xMas: already have 5x Rudolph (3x maxed), and 4x Buddy (1 maxed)

I already have from all Seasonal key heroes except Hissan and 5* heroes.
So I would probably try couple of pull in Sand Empire to get Hissan.
And the rest I plan for xMas. Exceptional if I want to try to get HOTM.

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