Epic hero tokens – where do you spend yours?

For what it’s worth guys, they are revamping the seasonal events.

Have it on good authority from SG that Springvale will be the first to get a revamp… What exactly this means I don’t know but it’s something to bear in mind that last year =/ this year Springvale :slight_smile:

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Interesting, but since I only use EHT for the seasonal (not gems anymore) I will likely still just save all year and dump them all at Xmas. TBH the only other 5* seasonal I’d really want is Yunan, but green tanks are at a disadvantage.

We’ll see what the revamp is and go from there :laughing:

If you check the sneak peek for 2020, you can see something promising for the EHTs.
“Bigger Seasonal Events: All Seasonal Events will be updated to include new heroes and rewards. More information coming later in 2020!”
So there is a chance that there will be an Easter bunny who will not reduce the armor for itself … :smiley:

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Really unlikely I’m afraid…

Each seasonal hero’s have a type…
Halloween have healing steal & dot
Summer have the dot & healing reduction

Similarly, Easter ones have very high attacking damage & the trade off on the high damage specials (recklessness) is the defence debuff…

I am pretty confident that any additional Springvale heroes will feature the defence debuff…


Will see what’s new with rabbits but will use what I got at sands, at this point at much only 6 max eht don’t drop much for me! :disappointed:

I see this is an old post, is this still true? I’ve gotten 3 EHTs in the last couple weeks and was going to save them for the next event summon, but I am probably too impatient to wait until the seasonal summon!

@nuts, yes it still true, next seasonal is Sand Empire in June.

I’d wait for a seasonal event especially because they offer a total 2.5% chance of of 5* per summon, while a basic epic summon gives only a 1.5% chance of a 5*.

I’m saving mine for summer. Summer heroes cut healing away, which is very helpful for field aid wars. AND I’m waiting until the July part of summer, because June’s monthly hero looks like garbage right now. I’m hoping July’s will be better.

In further analysis–Springvale had only one 5* before. It got 2 more, so now it has 3. The Summer event currently has 2 5* heroes.I’m guessing it may get 1 more, maybe 2. Halloween only has one, so it should get 2 more at least. Christmas also has 2, so I’m thinking 1-2 more.

Newer heroes tend to have a higher chance of being really awesome. Therefore, if you’re really patient and if you don’t care about field aid as much as I do, I’d think Halloween would be your best bet for an awesome 5* if you’re looking that direction. Planning for 4* pulls might be in your best interests at this point, though, and Buddy from Christmas is one of the best 4* around. Now you’ve heard from my real long-term scheming side. :slight_smile:


I will definitely be going hardcore when Sand Empire rolls around. Not gonna be doing tournaments as I just want to focus on Sand Empire. As I value what they all bring to the table the most.

Thanks for the reply! that’s exactly the hard-hitting analysis I was looking for :wink:

I’m definitely not as patient as you but hopefully I can hold off until June and use them in Sand empire! I’m new to the game and still need more 3 and 4* heroes, particularly purple/gold, but I have plenty of green/red/blue to stay busy leveling until June. I do like Clarissa, but I suppose even if I had 20 EHTs I’d be unlikely to pull her, so the smart move is to wait

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If you’re new, I recommend you focus on 4* heroes. 5* are extremely rare, and they are the best way to go after you have your fill of everything else.

But once you reach that point, monthlies are the 5* you should be watching the very most. If you draw a 5*, there’s a 33% chance it’ll be the monthly. So you want to make sure it’s a good one. More important than whatever heroes are in the current event, if you ask me. That’s your best control over the odds for how good your 5* will be

Interesting way of looking at it! It seems like everyone who plays this game is a statistician lol

Of course, this post makes me less inclined to save my EHTs as I really like Clarissa. In your other post you mentioned waiting until July due a better hero; where are you getting information on upcoming HOTM?

@zephyr1 is really good for putting out info on new heroes in his beta beats topics.

But back on this topic i burn all my EHT’s on whatever the next seasonal is as f2p any hero i get will improve my line up no point waiting. So sand empire in june is next for my 7 (hopefully i get more) EHT

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Here’s Zephyr’s most recent post for beta:

These posts include a whole lot more than upcoming monthlies. I also expect he’ll post another one of these with more info within a week, and it’ll include initial forms of nerfs/buffs that will come in the future.

I also like Clarissa, and she’s worth summoning for! If you had to use your tokens between this month and next, I’d take this month. Your odds of drawing a good 5* would be higher. The 1.3% chance of drawing a monthly is higher than the 1% chance you’re missing out on with an event summon. And unless they change June’s Raffaele (and there is a fair chance they will), I do not consider him worth summoning for. But I’m hoping July’s monthly will also be good, or maybe October’s during the Halloween event. (Either way though, I’m summoning in July. I want those summer 4* for field aid wars.)


I have a 5 saved up and wondering if there is a better time to use them. I have heard that Epic Troop tokens should best be used during the ninja events. Is there an optimal time for Epic Hero tokens?

Thanks in advance!

Springvale - Easter event
Sand empire - summer event
Halloween - fall event
Christmas - winter event

There you have the chance to get special heroes and not only S1 heroes for your hero tokens


My opinion is during quarterly event like Springvale, Sand Empire, etc.

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Thanks so much! Super helpful!

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Should I use my remaining EHT in the Springvale portal or save them for the Sand Empire event?

The Springvale heroes are better, but 2 things give me second thoughts: the July HOTM seems awesome (link below), and costumes were announced for the Sand Empire heroes (they were supposed to be in beta in March, so I’m not sure they’re still happening).

What would you do?

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