Where do you plan to spend your EHTs?


where do you plan to spend your EHTs?
Springvale? Sand Empire? or later (Morlovia, Christmas)?

I have ~20 EHTs and i’m not sure when to use them… i only have 1 Squire Wabit and 1 Gafar…

i’m not sure when to use them… so i’m interested where and when and most important why do you plan to use your tokens…

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When there is a HOTM I really want, if there is a seasonal event I wait for it’s duration to pull.


Springvale because first 4* holy healer is finally available.


Christmas for me. I’m saving all year. I think that Christmas has the best to offer in terms of heroes, especially with Buddy and Rudolph who I am much more likely to get than a 5*. Plus there will be a new hero or two added to the mix.


Springvale is worth it with the new heroes this time around. Malosi is a worthwhile HOTM. I’ll spend whatever EHTs I have during that event.


I save for the next Seasonal event, with exceptions made if I REALLY want a HOTM (Hi, Clarissa…)

I think I’m not going to use my 16 EHT. I’m just not excited to add any of the Springvale heroes to my team. I would be excited for all Sand Empire heroes. Preventing healing and Sand DoT will be welcomed into my team.

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I’ll probably base my pulls on the hotm and my POV status.

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I’ll see how Valhalla goes and whether I get Telluria. If not then I might use them by the end of the month, otherwise on bunnies probably. Though with raised summon chances, I might wait until Sand Empire …

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Lol i was planning to save entire year for christmas pulls but im not quite sure yet.
Currently have 10 and im f2p with selflimitation not to summon with gems :slight_smile: .
So idk very very hard to answer.

Springvale has a better variety of legends than xmas. On xmas there are only the two slowies, on Springvale there are several hard hitting bunnies and even some new ones this time.

Further information here:

I’ve already used 29 ehts saved from January to get Tell but with no success.

I probably go for Clarissa next and then if I have some left at sand empires. It’s hard to tell tho because we can expect all seasonal events to be revamped with new heroes. But unless there will be some great 4* you can’t hope for event 5* given the summon chances so going for hotms seems more likely for me.

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I’ll be using mine during Springvale. I’m hoping for Lady Woolerton (new 4* yellow healer). If I happen to pull any of the others, great. I have Wabbit and Jack, but no Lepus.


I plan to use my ehts during Springvale in hopes of grabbing Killhare to pair with JF.

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Sand Empires. Cursed heroes are not my thing so no Springdale for me.

Let’s be honest. We can all save our Event summons and we will say we will but… I’ll just pul once for the HOTM in Springvale and maybe get that one new guy. Well I have 20 EHT’s so maybe just five or so… ok feel I’m close to getting something just half of them I’ll save 10… screw it- I will get more by next event. Where do I post- had 20 pulls and just got 3 dupe “Jack OHares”?


I’m using mine during Springvale, as I have none of the Rabbits and Malosi looks extremely useful. I already have Rana, so barring extremely strong new Sand Empire heroes arriving I don’t feel a terrible need for anybody else there.

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You are so right!! :rofl::rofl: I have no self control


Last year I skipped Springvale summoning despite not having any of the seasonal heroes and opted for continuously hoarding until summer sands (which I evetually got Arman (dupes I fed), and Gafar).

This year, with the increased roster, I will likely use my EHT on Springvale to take a shot at possibly getting my first Springvale hero on the roster (even if it is just Squire Wabbit, if I am lucky). Later, if the Summer hero don’t get an expanded roster, I “may” just hold off until Morlovia, which I expect to be revamped to get more heroes now that Springvale is increasing its original roster of 3.

I already got Lepus and Jack last Springvale. Lady Woolerton interests me though, I don’t have any Yellow healers (except Sha Ji… yeah…)

But I’m torn between trying for Lady Woolerton given the low odds.

My game plan is to decide on an event-per-event basis: see who the new Sand Empire and Morlovia heroes are, and decide if any are worth summoning for, else save for Christmas in the hopes of getting Mother North or Santa.

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