Save epic hero tokens for upcoming Springvale?

Is it worth saving epic hero tokens for the Easter event? are the heroes even worth having?

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Lepus imo is really the only one worth having and he happens to be the 5*.

I pulled the 4* last year and maxed him. He’s ok for war depth.

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The bunnies are good. Speed is everything. I used the 4* bunny on my farm team for a long time. I would save the tokens for the event.

It’s April - where is the event?!?! Only a few weeks to Easter - I want to give them my money for items.

Yes I holding them for HOTM what I would like. No for spring Event. I got Frida for 15 tokens.

I want them and think they will speed up in challenge events, don’t care about their drawback, battles normally don’t last that long to be a factor!

Ok, but is it worth spending tokens on the rabbits or saving them for the Sand empire?

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Personally, based on the current HOTM I would save for the sand empire, but it really is personal preference on this one imo


Unless they are tweaked somehow, I do not bother. The drawback is very funny, considering all the heroes released subsequently. I think at that point they still wanted the featured heroes to not outshine the classics, concept which was later on very much abandoned. Lepus is the only 5 star blue sniper whose side effect instead of helping, actually hurts him. Compare that with Magni, Alice, Alessie… Lepus is the God’s mistake. And he’s the only one I would be excited for. Combine that with the mediocre HotM for April and rumors about OP hero of the month in June… and you have your answer for pulling at Springvale :slight_smile:


Would your advice be different for a noob w/ few 4 and 5 star heroes on the roster now? I’ve been saving them for “the next event” w/o much knowledge of when or what that was. Only now finding out that everyone really hates these heroes. But it doesn’t seem to make sense for me to save them until summer when I’m in need of heroes now (don’t have TC 20 yet)

@GiveMeEmblems . I would give the same advice regardless. If you want to do a couple pulls go for it, but don’t offer commit.
This game isn’t a race, it’s a grind. Choose to focus on developing your city to tc20 and making 4*.

If you pull heavy, you will most likely have better heroes to ascend by the time you got the bunnies ready

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I would definitely advise you to use gems to summon in the next challenge event, if you can (but tokens don’t work for that) But yes if you are fairly new to the game and not throwing a lot of money around then I would use tokens during the spring event rather than wait until summer. But I would rather have sand heroes (summer) in my inventory than wabbits (spring) Any HOTM is better than no HOTM :slight_smile:

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Thank you DBC and @Zakurum!

I’m kinda having this same debate in my mind. I’m to the point that regular epic summons are unlikely to make my team substantially better, so I’m definitely saving for seasonal summons. My assessment of the rabbits is that they aren’t great by any means. Seems like some folks like Squire Wabbit for 3-star events, and Lepus seems pretty good, especially considering the classic blue 5-stars like Thorne and Richard, who don’t seem highly regarded.

I had basically decided to wait for the summer event, but then I noticed that the 4-star event heroes (the ones I think I might have a shot at pulling) for that event are both purple, which is my deepest color for 4-stars already. I’m not sure they can crack my first or second team (would have to be better than Sabina 4^70+4 and Tiburtus 4^70+6). Might not make my third war team (Ameonna 3^25 and rising), since Ameonna has proven more useful in alliance wars than most other contexts.

On the other hand, green is my shallowest color for 4-stars (Melendor 4^70+5 and Skittleskull 4^40 and rising). Maybe Jack O’Hare could have some use for me there. The other option would be to wait for Halloween, but those heroes don’t seem to have impressed very much, and past that, I’d be waiting for Christmas, which is a long time. Anyone have thoughts on my situation?

I had this same question guess I will be saving my 10 EHT for something worthwhile I have enough heros to level anyway and as far HOTH I have Evelyn to finish

I’ve got 11 epic hero tokens saved

Master Lepus is one of the hardest hitters in the game. I have Frida, those two together would be lethal.

I only have two legendaries so Anzogh would definitely be huge for me so that’s a big consideration. Would you use this momth’s hotm? If so then doing summons this month during Springvale is worthwhile.

I will be doing Guardians Simmons next week so I may pull Anzogh then

If I pull Anzogh before Springvale I will likely use tokens until I get Jack O’hare or Lepus and the stop and save the rest for Sand Empire

If I don’t pull Anzogh before Springvale I’ll use the tokens until Anzogh + Jack o’hare or Lepus.

At least that’s the plan at the moment :slight_smile:

I think Anzogh and Lepus are both solid heroes and I plan to pull for them with my tokens. Yunan may be a great tank, but I don’t know of many/any clans that tank nature in war, so he’s limited to being a good raid tank, which… meh. As for Rana, she’s solid, but I have drake so she’s not really a concern. What I don’t have is a good druid, and lepus would fit that nicely. Always consider your team and your long term plans before making pulls.

Whatever you do, remember, the odds of pulling what you want from any manner of summons are extremely low, especially if you are eyeing up 5* heroes. So expect to get mostly things you might not be hoping to get.

That said, I’ll be waiting until June or whenever the sand heroes come next before I use any epic hero tokens.

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The bunnies hit hard at fast mana. Decent heroes. They have drawbacks, but you can mitigate them. I’m gonna try to get some bunnies :slight_smile: