Saving Epic Hero tokens – which Summons can they be used for?

Looked around but couldn’t find anything concrete so sorry if this is obvious but should I use my epic hero tokens right when I get them or is it possible to use them on some events? I saved them for Atlantis but they can’t be used there. I just started playing during the Santa event but I didn’t know what was going back then and I def don’t remember how the summon worked.

Epic Hero Tokens can be used for Seasonal Events (Springvale in March/April, Sand Empire in June/July, Return to Morlovia in October, and Christmas in December), and the regular Epic Summons.

They can’t be used in Atlantis or monthly Challenge Events.

Just linking some related threads so future searchers have an easier time finding them. :slight_smile:


Ahhh so there is value to saving them! ■■■■ I used two yesterday lol
Thanks zephyr!


You’re welcome!

Some people also like to save them up for when there’s a HOTM they’d like to try for, and use them in the Epic Summons that month.

Frida is a good HOTM to get, Elemental defense debuffers are core utility heroes for titans and offensive stacks, so this isn’t a bad month to potentially use them. :slight_smile:


I noticed that the wording changed on the text for EHTs. They no longer mention seasonal summons. Are they still good for them? Maybe that text only shows up during seasonal summons?


Hopefully not. That would drastically decrease their value and be a slap in the face for everyone, who bought offers with tokens in it.


Are you sure the token description previously mentioned the seasonal summon?

The reason they normally work for Seasonal is because it replaces the regular Epic Hero Summon, and EHT are good for the Epic Hero Summon portal:


I found old screenshots where Seasonal is mentioned. But my understanding of the reason they’ve always worked is because Seasonal replaces the Epic Hero Summon.

I think that text about Seasonal Summons was added a while ago, it may be an inadvertent reversion. I’ll ask about it.


Moderator’s Note

I asked the Staff for clarification about the removal of the Seasonal Summons text, and got an answer:

Epic Hero Tokens can still be used for Seasonal Summons. :slight_smile:

The text was removed due to visibility issues in some languages — the font was too small for the description to be legible.

The game designers are looking into a solution for the upcoming updates to be able to fit the text.


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