Enviable blue conundrum

Ok so Ive been completely inundated with worthy blue heroes and I’ve just been ignoring the problem hoping it solves itself but now choices must be made. I have the mats to fully ascend 3 blue heroes. Assuming all are at 3.70, choices are Arthur, Vela, Aegir, Raffaele, Alice, Skadi, Misandra, Magni, and Isarnia. My alliance does blue tanks for war so I feel like Aegir probably has an edge. My only maxed blue 5* is currently Finley. Suggestions?

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You have healers. You have snipers. You have defense downs. What part of the game are you going for and what are they complementing?


Sharp as always, @littleKAF.


As the keen Moderator has posed, you need to identify which type of ice hero that needs to complement whatever team they are going to join. You yourself can answer that. Good luck.


Arthur and Alice are pretty obvious for me - elemental debuffers are very valuable and Alice is right up there as one of the best blue snipers (and snipers are always a good early pick).

The third…
I wouldn’t prioritize a defensive hero, even for wars - you’re not deep enough in 5’s to be thinking that IMHO.

Maxing two blues is plenty to be getting along with - I’d revisit when you’re ready to ascend the third and see if anything else has come along or if one of these is feeling more useful at that point.


I love Arthurs elemental def down but is he passable at 3.70 against 9* titans? Isarnia does def down but Alice does too at fast speed. I can always use another sniper. On the other hand I could really use a good blue tank for war. I also could really use 5* healer. These are the questions I’m trying to answer.

Alice actually lowers attack, not defense.

If worried about titans, I like Isarnia for the defense down. The lowering of attack can (sort of) be replicated with a turtle banner.

That said, in PvP, the speed of Alice and attack down matters. Less so with titans as you can use items. So Alice would get an edge there.

Over all, I’d recommend Alice but, if solely looking for titan, Isarnia May have an edge where tile damage counts.

I don’t have him and I gave 14* but my gut says he probably is passable.

This would be Alice.

I’m gonna go out in left field here. What about Vela? She can tank, though she shines at flank. You can move her later. Or Rafaelle as he can tank and heal, but he is slow so you have to accept that.

All in all, I’d say Vela and Alice but…

I tend to agree with this. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t forget a well balanced team with 4* heroes.

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Well dang you’re right she is attack down! Guess I got her confused with the Rabbit whom I pulled just before her. I am pretty excited to have her regardless, so I’m inclined to agree she may be a must for full ascension.

I suppose I should mention I just pulled a Perseus so I dont know if that changes anyone’s answers.

I will also mention I have 6 maxed rainbow 4* teams, as well as about 60 total 5* heroes (9 maxed) so I’m well into the marathon at this point. My problem was I just have so many good blues and with mats being limited a good way to prioritize ascension order seems to be determining who can perform acceptably at 3.70. I certainly appreciate your feedback and perspective. I hadn’t really considered Vela as tank material but I guess she could pull it off. I’m certainly not seeing a lot of love for Aegir which is interesting considering I thought he was probably the best blue tank out there.

You’re probably right lol I just like to plan way ahead. I’m mostly interested in knowing who actually needs to be maxed in order to be useful. But you’re right, one hero at a time :wink:

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