Blue dilemma

Slight dilemma, luckily pulled Alice from wonderland but have Isarnia and Aegir sat at 3/70 waiting on a final scope, I also have a couple of unleveled Magni’s sat in the wings.

My main blue sniper is Fenrir sat at +8 who I know is situational but is deadly when he comes in and has the revive talent.

I’m edging towards Alice because of the rogue class but when ascension items are that hard to come by it’s a tough decision.

Any advice would be welcome.

What is your team setup? That’ll help kind of guide you as to whom would be a bit of a good fit.

This is my defence team at the moment

You have pulled one of the best Blue heroes around
Congratulations for your Alice. Id do her. She would become soon your strongest hitting blue and will help fenrir to overkill other heroes. Do you have rogue emblems to put on her ? I can show you how her stat would be with your emblems

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Only got rogue emblems on G jackal so could pull them off him

Do you have Isarnia’s costume? If so, it’d be a toss between that and Alice.

Not that lucky unfortunately

That is a tough decision! Jackal needs the emblems more than Alice. She can perform well even without them

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U need blue sniper and fenrir not considered as sniper.

Go with alice.

U don’t need aegir as tank since u got telly, and isarnia is too slow. Now just Go with alice


Agree, I would say, since no costume. Alice. No doubt.

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You would realise when you finally max Alice that those 430% of the ability really makes a difference compared to 300% of Fenrir. That is why fenrir needs help to kill but Alice can do perfectly by herself.

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I understand what you’re saying, when I’m currently raiding I’ll use Lianna and fenrir as a 1-2 combo.

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