Another Blue Hero Ascension help request

I do try to keep these ascension threads to a minimum, so maybe if anyone is happy to help with a bit of advice, I am happy to take it.

For whatever reason, my game has ‘blessed’ me with an avalanche of blue heroes, more than I would ever need and waaaaay outnumbering any other colour on my roster. As such, I do have some fairly good heroes maxed already and a bunch of spares, but now sitting on 11 scopes, I’d like to ascend another Blue.

Maxed Blues: Ariel +18, Frida +10, Athena +8, Vela +7, Magni +1
3-70 Blues: Raffaele, Alice, King Arthur, Master Lepus, Thorne, Richard, Isarnia
Unleveled: Glenda
Unleveled duplicates: Raf, Vela, Alice, Athena, Frida, Richard, Arthur, Isarnia, Magni, Thorne

I have Ariel as a healer and I use her as tank. Do I need Raff? um ah.
Frida is my blue defense down, so Arthur seems superfluous.
I know some players rave about Alice, and Lepus also has an A+ rating, but I am yet to be convinced about either (1. I acknowledge that this may just be because I do not have them at 80 2. i have rarely, if ever, had a problem fighting them in raids 3. that could be because I have Mitsuko)
I have no 5* costumes at all.

Since I have mostly focused on fast heroes, I do find myself in somewhat of a pickle when it comes to Rush attack tournaments, and now that rush attack war has come along, I’m wondering if I should actually invest in slow heroes, as much as the notion of that chafes.

Any opinions are welcome!
Anyone with similar ascension questions for themselves are also welcome to post.

He can reverse -HP effects, unlike Ariel :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know much about the others, I’m afraid.

An avalanche indeed!

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24 blue 5* heroes compared to yellow, red, purple which are all in the 6-8 number range.
My Hero Academy just finished its first re-training (dup Quintus) and gave me a 3rd Isarnia (!!) who went straight back into the sausage machine.

The rabbit!!!
Frida and Lepus will always kill 1 and possibly 3


He is a burly little rat. Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My personal vote is for Master Lepus.

The combo of Athena + Frida + Master Lepus is death to alll of those enemies.

He’s brutal everywhere, especially on defence where he gets even MORE attack damage…

Legit, he’s currently one of my favourite heroes!!!

The only other one I’d really consider is maybe Raffaele for that super HP boost. In rush attack settings he’s pretty unbelievable…


I’m sorry, i only have him at 3.70 as well (due to lack of scopes), but have you tested the reversion of -hp effects?

Because the description of his abilities does not mention or even insinuate something like this.

I may be wrong, but as afar as i have noticed, only +hp effects reverse the - hp ones

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My SO has him and that’s how I remembered it, but entirely possible I’ve confused him with another hero :slightly_smiling_face:

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Master Lepus in a landslide.

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I vote Lepus too. Arthur is a niche choice if you really want that ice defense down for Titans, but for all other purposes he’s behind Lepus and Alice

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I’m in similar boat with my Purples and 11 Tabards.

None of my 3-70’s will crack my mono Purple squad of C.Rigard, Jabberwock, Hel, Panther, and Seshat… so here I am debating giving Tabards to C.Quintus because he’s slow for Rush Attack Tourneys and Wars. Been debating that for a few months but just can’t pull that trigger. Part of me is waiting to see if the backlash against Rush Attack Wars is enough for SG to nix them (like 1* & 2* Tourneys got nixed).

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@Guvnor @OG-Pusha @CivBrit Thank you guys for the comments and advice. I’m going to go with Lepus given the almost-consensus. Much appreciated, all of you <3 <3

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If I were you I would continue to resist pulling the trigger.
Some people may have opted for Grimble on defense as a result of Undead Horde wars, but I’m not sure that would tip the balance for me. Or more accurately, it hasn’t. My Grimble stays at 3-70 for now despite my having the tabards needed, I’m also resisting ascending Sartana. I have 2 Seshats (no regrets), Kunchen, Bosswolf and Kage. I’d possibly even do my 3rd Seshat before Sartana’s, quintus, Obakan, Grimble or Aeron.

I’m also currently debating on my next blue 5* - and thanks @RedRobyn for inviting others to use this thread for this.

Currently maxed is C Richard and Vela, and at 3.70 I have Arthur and Raffaele.

Last Valhalla picked up Skadi and in ToL just got Athena. I was going to start working on Skadi, but Athena seems more versatile. Other 5*s to consider are Glenda, Misandra, and Thorne.

Maxed 4*s are 2x C Kiril, 2x C Sonya, Sapphire, Boril + C, Frank, Triton, and Agwe.

Any recommendations on who to ascend and why would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I have Athena and she is a star against titans (and in raids). She’s also fairly rare, and if you can get her to +8 emblems she becomes fast-mana (using the mana path).

If you don’t have Frida, then Arthur is your blue defense-down option, also for raids or titans (plus if you have other 5* Avalon heroes they can pair well on tournament or war defense with family bonus).

I think you have a nice spread of blues there, so any one of Athena, Arthur or Raff would be useful for you. A strong blue healer in Raff, and two very good defense-down heroes in Athena and Arthur.

If I had to choose… I would take Athena. Use her against all titans except green and watch your scores jump! :slight_smile:

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