Maxing Isarnia or not

Will there be a blue sniper with the new heroes?, I want a blue 5* but can’t really spend the feeders on her since i rather work on other colors right now

A new blue 5* sniper is coming next week during Wonderland…

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i am not fans of Slow heroes , old school magni is way better , but well Isarnia is still good to go if you have no another *5 Blue especially if her skill applied. for next heroes would be Hilda ( another Arthur with splash ) and Alice ( *5 of Grimm or could say another Athena).

Issy is great. But she isnt a sniper, that isnt her role.

I use Isarnia for raid attack, raid defence, war attack, war defence, titans, events, quests and farming. I have both her and Magni maxed and I hardly ever use Magni. Isarnia is the best 5* blue hero, imho (including HOTM and event heroes).


She’s great, but the best? Including HOTM and event heroes? No offense sir, but you’re crazy!


i think she’s the best in classic 5* blue heroes - better than magni.
Once her skill is use - it’s over for the opposite team.
She’s my stable for all events except against blue titan.

Definitely max her and you won’t regret having her as part of your team.

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I love her but I only use her in situations where i can feed her mana pots.

I have Isa & Magni both r great but Isa wins tons more battles. Love her

The lady stated that it was her honest opinion. You, without saying what you based your opinion on, called her “crazy”.

Put up or shut up. What blue hero is better, and why, in your honest opinion.

Best is very situational and depends on your existing team etc. I would rank issy among the best blues. She does a major def down to all for a long time…nobody matches her for that. But if you need a fast sniper because you have a good def down hero but no fast snipers, then clearly you would focus on leveling someone else

Ok i appreciate the opinions, I’ll wait for the new blue heroes but level isarnia up aswell

I counter that Alasie is the best blue hero imo. Shes easily one of the best heroes in the game overall.

Isarnia is good too and I wouldnt sleep on her just cuz she is slow. -44% def down is pretty brutal. Both applied in offense and def.

I did say no offense…LOL. Anyways, these are better in MY opinion: Athena, Alasie, Magni, King Arthur, the upcoming Alice, and maybe even Misandra. If I had any of the above heroes I’d max them before Isarnia. Isarnia is great and if she fires on you you’re in deep trouble without a cleanser, but she is just too slow for me. Saying all that, I’m coincidentally maxing her right now (after I did Magni), but if I pull Alice or any of the above listed before she takes my scopes she isn’t getting them. She is definitely deserving enough to get scopes, unlike some others (cough, Aegir, cough).

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