Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)




What’s the difference between dark version and card version? Just the color?


The card version currently includes the cards (however when SGG changed the power across the board) I wasn’t able to react fast enough to obtain them all and keep it up to date - so the cards are not up to date (they are on everything released after) - Version 3 will have them updated. Also the card version doesn’t include RaZoR’s EDge.


Based on the future release notice provided by SGG, there will NOT be a card version of the Hero Utility.

The maintenance effort based on the future release - is too consuming for a single individual. (realize I do not have direct access to all the cards anyway - especially once they add in ‘classes’ and ‘talents’). Sorry Card Lovers! What will be provided is the data in an organized hopefully pleasing visual. Thanks

rAzOr-sIgNaTuRe-sKuLl RaZoR-sIgNaTuRe


The Period in Review: Dec 17-27, 2018

The Family Link Reference has been updated

Thanks & Enjoy - RaZoR


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Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Thankyou razor!

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Aeesome! Thank you :grin:


Hey everyone! Really looking for additional input on this topic! Especially if you have PROOF.

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The DaRk VeRsIoN is being replaced by V3 at 4:30PM USA MST on 12/30/2018.
This version will remain accessible through another Url for those who enjoy the gray-scale imagery. RaZ

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Thanks Razor!

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Happy new year Razor … God bless you brother. And thanks for all your hard working to make our lifes/gaming better. :heart:



Just a 1/2 hour away from official release!

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E&p users group - memberships are open! (it's free)

Counting on the 27 minutes left for it :smile:


@Razor i liked the new visual. it’s a great tool! Congrats


I missed the countdown but love the new look and family feature! Awesome work man, thank you!!


Forgive my ignorance here… but of what value is looking at all 5 heroes of a team together in this manner?

Would it not be better to be able to compare teammates? For instance: I am currently leveling Boldtusk + Caedmon, but I could be leveling Kashhrek + Colen instead. If I could keep the other 3 members of my team consistent, but could compare those two different compositions… THAT would be of great value to me. …as it is, though… do I understand this right in recognizing that this is essentially a reorganization of Anchor’s grading that incorporates your usage statistics?

While it seems an excellent novelty, I don’t know how to use this tool to make me better at E&P. …maybe that’s because I’m not really using 4* and 5* heroes yet…

Also: holy cow! Those images just POP! That design is phenomenal!


Nice! I’ll play around with it once i get a few minutes to think in peace.


@CheTranqui I’m answering from my phone was asleep, I don’t text well I’m a touch typer…just not on phone

The About is right under the interface both here in the forum post as well the application landing page. You can access the grading scale documentation online through the application or its weekly reporting site which as this post your responding to suggests - is also a users group.

The About makes it very clear what this application is and can do, it is however limited to the thinking of its user.

I guess I should add that whatever browser you are using on your phone, tablet, (ideally your PC should you be fortunate enough to have one)… it should have the ability to open if not itself in multiple instances, yet each instance within it self can spawn several tabbed windows (i don’t care for this restricted viewing option) ptobably the only option on a phone… tablets n PCs - the let you open multiple windows that can work independently of each other (my choice). This will answer your comparing questions. An E&P “Team” on average has 5 members, thus the 5 options. In Wars and Raids same deal, on average your potential opponents, they usually average 5 heroes on their team. You can choose to select 0 from the 5 option lists and click submit, no amazingly detailed and thought out hero will be displayed at the end of that button - however it still gets you access to valuable EnP information! Heck put in 1 or 3 they could be the center from my team and your favorite flank and rear! You usually get what you ask for.