Heavily emblemed Boldtusk NOW?

Do you think if someone has Rigard and/or Kiril with the Costume and have them heavily emblemed(+19-20), it makes your heavily emblemed(+19-20) BT redundant/waste/bad decision(whatever)?

How do you think BT would compare to Kiril and Rigard PvPwise? Would he compare so lackluster? (This is assuming all three have their costume and costume bonus)

I think he is not redundant in this case:

  1. It allows you to choose the healer of your offense team according to the elements of the defense team.
  2. In some game modes, such as the war and the tavern, it is beneficial to have multiple healers in your roster.
  3. It allows you to choose an element which cannot be countered in raid tournament defense teams.

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Agreed with this.
I have a +19 Rigard (and cRigard), +19 Melendor (and cMelendor), +19 Brynhild, +19 Kiril (and cKiril).
Boldtusk is amazing, he has saved my bacon many times by reviving and being able to heal himself and/or the team and make me win.

I use Boldtusk in a mono red team in wars and he is extremely useful, and in the same wars I use my other healers. one of each healer at +19 is always good.


I have boldtusk, rigard, Kiril, mel, and Sabina all with emblems and three with costumes. I then I have a version of each at 4/70. There are quite a few people I’ve seen with multiple of the same healer with emblems.


Yeah Revive is actually pretty OP so he has this advantage compared to other ATK-boost healers…

Another question: What do you think about going ATK with BT’s grid(which results in the Costume going DEF)?

I know his naked version in DEF route is the best tank you can make out of him but he’s more than just the tank of a defending team, right?

So how would that be? Embleming him in ATK and using him in his Costume in defense as a flank, and using him in his naked ATK route form while attacking?

IMO, Boldtusk’s value is in boosting the attack of others, not his own. even boosting his attack with emblems won’t make it very high… and I would rather boost his defense so he stays alive longer to use his special more often…

now, on attacking heroes (e.g. Elena, Azlar, Scarlett, Lancelot among my Reds) - I boost THEIR attack :wink:


No. I use all frequently.

This is viable if you use BT for event teams. Many event teams are red mono and some players will emblem for all attack, even for Boldtusk/Wilbur/Falcon for the extra tile damage.


With all these green tanks BT is very valuable

I have 2 BT at 19 and 18, and 3 Rigard at 18. All five of them get used every war, and I have 27 ascended fives, soooo …

Yes he is very much worth emblems


What do you think of embleming him in ATK route?

If you go atk, the costume will go def.

How do you think would his “ATK route with Costume Bonus” or “Costume version in DEF route” compare to his “DEF route with Costume Bonus” on an Attacking team?

Not talking about defending. Would he still be way worse than he would be in his original form in DEF route?

I only ever emblemed him to use non costume. Every time def and HP available I think I took it over attack. He is a healer-support hero, so focus on survival as previously stated by @sleepyhead which I 100% agree with

I only rarely use his costumed version as I like the big attack buff and reviving is very powerful, so I didn’t worry about the emblem path for the costume


BOLDTUSK REDUNDANT!!! No, no and no…
Every player should have a BT+20 at some point in the game. Still a vital member of my mono red. Great for trials, a healer in fighter class. He once revived for 4 times in a raid. Let me say it like this: I have Magni, Kingston and Poseidon maxed in fighter class and my emblem priority was BT until I brought him to max.
The 4* healers are the backbone of the game. I have 2 of them maxed from each colour except Sabina. Only one of her. One of each is emblemed and all defence path. Never regretted embleming any of them.
Give Boldtusk those emblems.


Except Sabina and Kasshrek I assume. Or you have 2 Kasshreks too?

Zero Kashrekks:) I meant Melendor, Boldtusk, Rigard and Kiril.

To be fair Kashrek costume is very worthwhile, try it in the Ninja Tower

Edit: but not deserving of emblems

I have the Costume for Kasshrek but I don’t for Kiril, Melendor, or Rigard.(had really terrible luck with costumes, dodging everything good).

Should I emblem Kassh? What would you say?

(Kiril is at +12)

Just saw this (&(+((

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