Emblems on 4* Riposte

I’m looking at paladin right now. I have Cyprian and Sonya. I’m thinking Sonya might be better as she actually attacks.
Wondering about the other classes too

charge cyprian early & he can make a decent tank with his reflecting hits …sonya a bit fragile

Sonya’s special is an offensive attack, but the talent is an increase in armor ability. I had the same situation and gave mine to Cyprian.

Cyprian’s ability can be used very offensively in war and raids provided he can survive to fire, and hopefully his flanks live. Use this set up vs teams with multiple aoe heroes.

Stand back and enjoy them wrecking themselves!! Idk those were my only 2 options


Of your two choices , i would pick sonya. choose attack increase paths that also increase defense. This will make her a stronger striker but also make her last longer with the Protect talent. Cyprian is a poor choice for a tank even for 4* boril is much better choice if you want a tank with riposte.

GUardian falcon is a better choice for a tank in the 4* paladin class

I would personally try holding out for a 5* paladin, the class was kinda made for the 5*s with aegir richard, thorne, frida, ares etc. You can get richard from tc20 so that is a good choice for paladin if you are more f2p. Plus there is atlantis coming up in a few days if you have coins to summon with, you may get something better

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Does no one use riposte heroes on weaker war teams vs aoe heavy teams? Cyprian has won me many battles where 2 heroes one shot themselves. I would not use him on defense but since they changed riposte back to how it was im impressed. My 2 cents but agree sonya bettter hero overall

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I didn’t put any of the 4* Riposte heroes on the list because there are 5* riposte heroes (Elena and Obakan) that do more. My perspective in this post is peculiar: imagine you have every 5* available; what 4* do you want to give emblems to?

Example: Barbarian Grimm is a superb 4* hero who completely deserves emblems–unless you have Athena. Grimm at 4+20 isn’t as good as Athena at 5+0, so no emblems there for me. But if you don’t have Athena, GM or Kageburado, then putting Barbarian emblems on Grimm is a very high-value use.

Topics got merged i think! Was referring to a ? Of cyprian or Sonya getting emblems for paladin

Very unfortunate that a specific question is now buried in a probable mega thread.

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Unmerged to a more clearly labeled thread.

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I love teams that have Cyperian and Boril…Kage dispels that riposte and then lays the smack down on them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure if this is appropriate here or in its own topic, but I thought I’d start by tagging along onto this thread…

Cyprian is my only paladin above 3*. My alliance runs purple tanks for war. He’s my only option for that, as well. I just finished leveling him, so now I’d like to put emblems into his talents.

I know I should prioritize health and defense. Where it gets tricky for me is with the two branches that force me to choose one or the other, especially since I have to make that decision right away. More defense means he takes less damage, lasts longer, and may proc riposte an extra time, while more health means a bigger pool of hp from which to deal counterattack damage. It works out to 36 extra defense or 72 extra hp (or I could pick one of each). If it matters, he is placed beside Kashhrek (my only healer over 3*).

HP and Def are roughly equal value. Whether boosting Def or HP is better for a hero depends on which boost gives the best percentage increase to the underlying stat (modified by the damage equation for Defense). But they tend to both be decent choices.

On a riposte hero like Cyprian, the value tends to swing pretty solidly in favor of HP, since boosting that increases his survivability without dropping his riposte damage.

You often don’t have to choose one or the other though–many branches have both HP and Defense on them.

Can I get some advice on who I should prioritize the use of level ups/emblems on? I have enough 4/5 star heroes for a 30 man war roster.

Grimm 3.60
Gretel 2.25
LG 2.50

Viv 2.0
Rigard 3.60
Hansel 3.55

Gad 2.50
Caed 3.60

BT 4.67

Wilber 5 + 5
Wu 4.70

Cyprian 2.10
Sonya 3.60

Athena 3.38
Khagan 3.65
Tibertus 3.60

Inari 3.21

Quintus 1.12
Sabina 2.42
Ameonna 1.15

Hel 3.70
Proteus 3.60
Kiril 4.70

Part of the answer depends on whether you can ascend your five stars the whole way. Obviously they can’t get emblems until then. But I would say Grimm for barbarian and Wilbur for monk.

As a rule of thumb, multiply Defense by 1.5 when comparing to Health. So a hero with 600 Defense and 900 Health is in balance, but if 550&900 then Defense is short and should be preferred. Avoid increases to attack for Cyprian as much as possible; it’s almost worthless on defense since he doesn’t do damage the way Elena does. The rule of thumb applies with the standard 18&36 emblem increases. If going to higher nodes, this 1:2 ratio might not hold, so adjust.

I don’t count the effect of riposte highly when choosing between Defense and Health. Your riposte hero is only one of three getting the effect, and the opponent might dispel anyway or find a way to play carefully while the riposte is active. Bear in mind, of the extra damage, you do still take 100% to their 125%. It’s more important to have a chance of riposte going off again. And for a war tank, the point is to not make it easy for the opponent who doesn’t bring any Holy heroes, so it’s even more important for your tank to be tough. Consider trying flanks with lower Defense and higher Health, such as Gormek.


I boosted defence and hp on Cyprian, avoiding attack, taking def primarily. Stoping progression at 18. Took extra hp and attack once by mistake. (I wish they had some minor reset token…)

I figured that I can put troops to boost def, hp, attk, healing or crit.

It works nice on offence, and keeps me in 2400-500 + cups as tank in my defense. 1591 hp w troops.
I flank him with 2 healer and 2 fast ,avg on ends .
It’s a good, low budget defence I find.
I also use him and 4 other purple on most yellow thank, with a nice success rate. Only proteus is not from the original hero.
All have around 15-19 emblems.
No 5 * .

Cyprian was a game changer for me. Never got to level any of my 5+ borils.
I have Arthur almost maxed now and I’m really juggling with the idea of not resetting Cyprian yet…

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I did Cyprian to 6 (too many good paladins), Boril to 9 (too few good clerics). Boril was defense/health/attack in priority, Cyprian was health/attack/defense. Basically accentuating their strengths. They actually have really beneficial paths that can bring a lot of benefit and are really overlooked by most.


I’d go Health > Defense > Attack on Cyprian. For a Riposte hero, having a high defense lowers the damage inflicted on the caster. You therefore want a lot of HP to withstand more attacks, but lower defense to hurt the enemy more.


Cyprian all day long :grin:

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I use him in two places: sparingly in raid tourney defense (when the config is right i.e. no yellow) and in war attack/raid attack when there are yellow tanks or a lot of AOE in defense. While you may be right (especially considering paladin skill is a defense buff), for my situational use (which is enough to justify the 6 nodes at a cost of 120 emblems for me) it seemed to make sense.

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