Should I stop giving Cyprian (+16) emblems?

Just as the title says :wink:

Cyprian is up to 16 with his emblems but when I looked at the final 4 nodes, none of them seem to benefit him. One increases his attack but he doesn’t hit hard at all. Some are for defence but I don’t want his defence to go up because then his Riposte won’t work as well. One node (19, I think) increases mana by a small percent but I don’t feel it is worth it, as nodes 17 and 18 are useless for him.

I have spare Paladin emblems now but I think maybe I should start using them on Sonya. My only other finished Paladins are 3*s. (Prisca, By-Ulf and Chick Jr).

Think you answered you own question, I’d stop giving emblems to him can use on others or save incase you still wanna give to him. At 16 he still do you well


Longer term… He’ll probably get stripped for more essential 4* heroes anyway (Sonya, G.Falcon) or for 5* if/when you get them.

Sonya on the other hand, you’re less likely to strip later on.

I’d stop adding them to him now, yes.


@Dudeious.Maximus and @BubblesUK, thanks guys :+1: Yeah, I don’t think giving Cyprian any more emblems will make him much better than he is now and Sonya’s on my man defence team so I do want to boost her up a bit. I think it’ll be a long time before I have any maxed 5*s though; I’ve only just ascended my first one (Lianna) to 4/1 :wink:

No probs. I kinda take some 4* just to +7 as it still helps them in events trails Raids etc, with out doing a full reset later on as still wanna use later on. Falcon+15 jackal Ammennoa are +18 are the only higher ones iv done. But that’s my game style.

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Cyprian is useless… find others



Lol, Cyprian is awesome; though I think it depends on where you use him. On Titans, he is terrible but for when I’m up against bosses who hit hard, he’s a diamond :wink: He helped me cream Springvale and I’m cruising through Valhalla with him. Ancient Tiger is like a kitten with Cyprian on my team :smiley_cat:


Cyprian is my tank on my alt account and helps to keep me in Platnium. I think he’s awesome too. Levelled him on my main acccount but don’t use him anymore, except in Trials.


I have Cyprian and Sonya.
I have given 15 Emblems to Sonya where Cyprian is fully leveled with no emblems :).

I feel no need to give him Emblems unless you have plenty of them n more REST emblems as well.

I used to pour Paladin emblem to both Cyprian and Sonya to level 20, until I got Telluria months ago.
Both Cyprian and Sonya worth emblems until you have got good 5* Paladin.

Cyprian at talent 20 is not bad since you need him to survive the incoming attacks until he can cast Reposte. I used to put him on purple stack team in war too, he served his job well with his Reposte.

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Not only should you stop giving him emblems, you should use a reset emblem and never use Cyprian again! :wink:

It’s a bit exaggerated, but like most riposte heroes he’s just not good.

Maybe in the future a costume can help to make him playable again though.

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I would give 2 exception on the Reposte; Elena-Costume, Boss Wolf.
Both of them are very good.

The only really good one is Sif.

CElena and Boss Wolf can be good in rush tournaments. And Elena because of her high attack against titans. For everything else, they are too slow.

Elena-Costume is one of my powerful weapons against GTV pack at the moment,

  • Costume gives her mana boost
  • Talent level 8 gives her mana boost
  • Mana troop gives her mana boost
    She has turned from Slow to Average at the moment…
    Her counter attack is 155%, highest in the game… Have to use her wisely.

Guys, Cyprian and Sonya are my highest Paladins :rofl: I have nine 5s but none of them are Paladins. I was running three TC20s (which was where most of my 5* were born) but after a long drought, I stopped them and worked on levelling up my 4*s instead :slight_smile: The 5s take so much food and I don’t have enough ascension items for them yet. (Well, I have six Mystic rings but no red 5s :rofl: )

All those players criticizing Cyprian as not being any good, I seriously swear if there were no buff dispellers out there, these riposte heroes would probably be among the scariest in the game, if not the scariest! Cyprian was the first 4* hero I summoned, and with his help I defeated many teams that were more powerful than mine. Like many players, as I have evolved and got more 5* heroes, I don’t use him much anymore, but he still has, and always will have a place on my hero roster for wars and events, somewhere in my top 50.


Furthermore, I am also considering using emblems on him, just to get him to a very competitive level of toughness before I work on my 5* Paladins. (about 7/20 should do it). Already have Sonya maxed, also a gem of a 4* hero.
Despite not using Cyprian as much as I used to, whenever I counter him in raids and wars, I do treat him with a healthy level of respect and fear, as I have been on the other end of his perfect riposte, and therefore choose not to underestimate him.


I agree Boril and Cyprian get a bit too much hate for my liking. At a certain point around high platinum or low diamond they lose their D value on raid teams. Even on offensive raiding it gets to be very selective use.

Where I find myself coming back to them are difficult trials/quests and S3 hard. I find their passive damage on your off turn makes the mobs go faster and saves your other heroes special, etc. I have been going back to them big time there. Granted, this can vary on your overall roster too.

For anyone reading this just starting, they are more universally beneficial to use in many areas at the beginning, but they maintain some value when you get higher up. They aren’t junk IMO.

Good luck out there! :beers:


Yeap, cheers to that. :beers: :smiley:
For anyone out there who are going to be long term players, Cyprian, Boril, and Elena are all definitely worth having one of each for all time. As you accumulate many heroes, one of each is probably enough.
In answer to this topic, 16 emblems is fine. I will probably take Cyprian to 7, just to give him a bit more grit for wars, then I will either work on Clarissa or continue my Ares project. So many Paladin choices out there. :slightly_smiling_face: