Cyprian... which grid path would be good for him?

Just got him about 10 minutes ago off a hero token I got in a monster chest. When I fully ascend him and unlock the grid, what would be the preferable path to take?

Health and attack. If not together, go health and def. Stop at 5, if you have another paladin. Paladin talent isn’t that cool and you better spread those emblems.

His riposte damage will be increased by health and dealt damage, so the sturdier he is the less riposte will be dealt and he is already sturdy.


Coincidentally, I just maxed him yesterday, after sitting at 3/60 for months, maxed stat 563/605/1362. The HP is typical of 5*, but the attack 563 is low and as mentioned @Olmor, I planned to beef up his attack and health, more so from my experience in class trials, he couldn’t heal himself from tile damage against the mobs after activating Aegir, then it was at 4/20 or so.

Although imo increasing his def stat may potentially reduce his counterattack damage, but since I used him mostly in mono raid attack team, I intend to also increase his defense a couple of nodes, hopefully that would lessen his being one shot prior to the activation of his skill, especially in diamond arena, the remaining emblems thereafter would be focused on health and attack

I hope this helps in a way.


PvP versus Class quests

I agree for attacking in raids, war and tourneys.

I am interested in Cyprian for rare titans, yellow normal titans and class quests.

Counterattack bypasses all defense buffs and ignores accuracy debuff. Paladin class quests have 2x and 1x yellow bosses, including 2x with accuracy debuffs, but Cyprian is the only purple Paladin ( use emblems to get more emblems ).

So I would go DEF & HP to keep alive versus triple bosses in class quests and high level normal / rare titans.

Paladin 4*+14

Cyprian is the only Paladin I would stop at X*+14 instead of X*+15 or X*+20 .


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Missing Cyprian on one account



Are the statements said in this thread still ok to my recent levelled Cyprian?

I’m not sure if this is helpful…I took my Cyprian up to +16. I stopped there because I felt the last 4 nodes wouldn’t help him that much.

The problem with Cyprian is that his paladin skill clashes with his riposte. The paladin skill (Protect) increases his defence but when his defence goes up, enemies don’t hurt themselves as much on his riposte. With my Cyprian, I always chose the nodes that increase health but at +16, he still keeps using Protect…I swear he uses it about 90% of the time :rofl:

(I am kidding for that last bit but it feels like it :wink: )

I do find him very useful though and he’ helping me breeze through Valhalla, even on the hard stages :slight_smile:

To compensate the huge tankyness i use to put the weakest heroes close to him :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good idea :slight_smile: He’s got a colossal amount of health; I’m sure even more than some 5* heroes!

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@Commander_K That is why I go mainly health and attack with him because of that. Especially if you have him at +15 then the protect procs a lot more often.

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@Aunty_Krauser, he does and Sonya has started doing it now too! She is only +8 but she uses Protect loads. I think her and Cyprian are trying to outdo each other :wink:

Is it useful to increase his attack nodes? I didn’t try with my Cyprian because even though he’s this buff knight dude, he hits like a soggy dishcloth :rofl:

@Commander_K Yes imo it is because increasing attack also affects tile damage so it is very useful if you’re doing a riposte strat against titans.

It’s atrophy, he is dead. You try looking that ripped at 337 years old after having your special be your ability to get hit! :laughing:


@Aunty_Krauser, I think I should have done that. Every time I use Cyprian against a Titan, he uses Protect :joy:

@Muchacho, the poor guy, I never thought of that! I was going to feel sorry for him, then I remembered he’s got a hot wife so yeah, I think he’s doing OK for himself :rofl: I shall have a beer instead, thank you :100:


@Commander_K If you get a reset emblem in the near future, you could always reset and go down the attack/health route. More hp also means the longer he can survive DoT because DoT don’t give a hoot about defensive stats.

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@Aunty_Krauser, I have 4 reset emblems, I can do that :slight_smile: I’ll only take Cyprian up to +13 this time though because I don’t want him to have the last Protect node. He uses it far too often :rofl: