Emblems- Sonya or Cyprian?

Finished maxing them out at almost exactly the same time. Which to emblem, and on which side of the talent tree?

Other current heroes: Triton +7, Grimm +7, Sabina +7, G.Owl 3.70 (and still 3 darts short, ugh), Gad +1, Melendor +1, Melendor dupe 4.70 (I could add another +1 if I really wanted…).

Sonya, no question. In my opinion, anyway. I’ve never found riposte heroes very useful. Sonya is amazing though, I use her every war.

She is a sniper. So I would go the attack route.

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Sonya without a doubt - fast mana debuffer




I vote for Cyprian, I still use him as my tank in def and use him a lot in the last stages of events. For Sonyas dispell I could also use Cad, Mel or Sabina. She’s on one of my favourite teams, but she’s not the backbone of it, so I will give her +1, but not more atm. Maybe my mind changes, when I have Ares ready for tank…but I have some reset buttons stocked.

Cyp is +11 now, and I go NOT the defense route, that would weaken his riposte.


Depends on which one do you still use more?

Most would answer Sonya.

Cyprian if you still need him to get past certain quests and probably you are using him as tank.

If Cyprian do not go for the DEF if possible. Go for the HP path.


Thanks all, think I’m going with Sonya and Def- need stronger attackers and I like balancing with emblems.

OP already got the answer, but Sonya is also more versatile which is something to keep in mind, and she’s also a bit of a keystone hero for her color.

Riposte is very situationally useful and generally doesn’t require a fully emblemed hero to maximize its effectiveness, and Cyprian is easily outclassed by any 5* tank, so he’s more likely to become obsolete. Having Cyprian emblemed increases the likelihood of him surviving long enough to fire on bad boards, but chances are good that if you have a bad board, you’re already on the ropes, and Cyprian is unlikely to get the most usage out of his special when that happens due to his neighbors dying. Also, the Paladin special increases his defense which does help with the survivability but not so much with the riposte.

Boril by comparison is a much better Riposter in general as his inherently high defense means he’s very likely to survive to fire, and as a Cleric the mana shield means he’s less likely to be affected by mana cuts or special blocking effects like Merlin.

So that said, Sonya is a bit of a keystone hero for blue because she’s the only blue dispeller for most people (the other being Frida who is a previous HOTM and is unlikely to see rotation anytime soon). This makes her incredibly important for several problematic red heroes: Ares, Boldtusk, Mitsuko (to a certain extent, Sonya will have to punch herself but clears the path for follow-up), Elena, etc. While blue can kinda dispel via overwriting effects, sometimes you just need the effect straight up gone, and there’s only one hero (for most) that can do that job in blue.

And yes while other colors have dispellers, it’s better to have a strong-color hero who can do the job than a neutral (or gasp weak color like Green vs. Red) to do the job if possible.

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Sonya all the way, for the reasons mentioned in the post above

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