Which Green 5* to put on my Team Defense?

Lately I found three green 5*: Evelyn, Elkanen and Lianna.
Initially, when I only had Evelyn and Elkanen, I had a plan in mind: to use them both in my Team Defense, since my only 5* there is Clarissa. Elkanen as tank (since we use green tanks in my alliance) and Evelyn on the wing.
I would have given Elkanen some Cleric emblems and Ranger emblems to Evelyn.
This morning I found Lianna and I know she’s way better than Elkanen, but she needs Ranger emblems as well.
So, my question is what should I do?

  1. Split Ranger emblems in two and give half Lianna and half Evelyn, putting both on my Team Defense
  2. Choose one between Evelyn and Lianna, give her all Ranger emblems, and level Elkanen as my second green 5* for my TD

P.S. I only have 10 tonics, so I can level only two of them for now.

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My first bit of advice is to think hard about why you would not want a rainbow defense.

Can you let us know who your other heroes are? You suggest that you want to use two greens because you are lean on five star heroes. I suspect that a rainbow defense that includes three four star heroes may be sturdier than one with two greens and two four stars.

As far as Evelyn and Lianna, I like both of them more than Elkanen. I have Lianna and Elkanen but don’t have Evelyn. Of the three, Lianna hits the hardest, but I think Evelyn’s special is likely better to raid with since she debuffs. It would be great to raid with all three, of course. I find Elkanen’s special “selfish” in that it helps him survivie, but does nothing for the reast of his allies. If you plan to use him as a tank, then this may be the one scenario where his selffish special is handy since the longer he survives as a tank, the better for the team.

In raiding, it would be a tough choice for me – Evelyn or Lianna – but on defense, I think it has to be Evelyn since she hits three and debuffs. Lianna only hits one, and on defense, RNG determines whom she hits, so she’s less effective on defense than offense.

I still vote for a rainbow defense, where splitting the emblems is a fine idea. If you go two greens on defense, then give Evelyn the emblems.


Thank you for your reply, it gave me a lot to think about. I entirely agree with your reasoning.

For now, my weakest color on defense is blue. I only have +7 Kiril, Grimm, Triton (these last two both maxed), but I recently found Jott, who could be the right addition if I leaned towards a rainbow defense.
My defense heroes currently are: +18 C Boldtusk, +20 Caedmon, +9 Clarissa, +18 Mist, +18 Proteus.
This is the reason why I wanted to use two green 5* (replacing Caedmon and Proteus), so that my defense team is stronger.

I’m a f2p player and I plan on doing 20-25 pulls on December, since I saved some coins. I’m not in a rush, so the good thing is that I can wait to see what the next month will bring me.

I also feel like splitting Ranger emblems between Evelyn and Lianna is the right thing to do. It’s just difficult to actually do, since I had all planned in my mind, giving Evelyn all emblems and quickly taking her to another level. But surely to have both Evelyn and Lianna with +7 emblems gives a great advantage, instead of having only Evelyn with emblems and Lianna there, rotting.

Evelyn is mostly valued because of her elemental defense debuff to the target and nearby. The minor damage and dispel to target and nearby and the healing Elemental Link are just a bonus. That being said, if you want to put Evelyn as tank, you need to have another green hitter to take advantage of the elemental defense debuff. Though Lianna deals massive damage to a single target, with Evelyn as tank, Elkanen may be the best pair for Eve as the Elk also hit 3, 2hich may potentially kill 3 or heavily maim them close to dying.

They say rainbow defense is the best defense. Well may be. If you haven’t noticed back then, Telly tanks are accompanied by Vela and Finley, and maybe Cobalt or Lepus. 2 blues. Sometimes, 2 purples in Onyx, Killhare, Ursena or Jabbawock.

And if you look at some defenses now, some BK’s are flanked by a pair of either Frigg, Francine, Zeline or costume Kadilen. 2 nasty and annoying greens. Maybe the idea that rainbow defense was very much applicable more than a year ago. Now, players have more than 1 maxed epic troops or many highly leveled ones good enough for supporting the heroes in defense.


Thank you for your answer!

You have many valid points! I also thought of giving Evelyn and Elkanen tonics because Elkanen is a 3 heroes-hitter while Lianna goes only for the single kill. I guess I’ll start leveling them, and then I’ll adapt my choice based on what I’ll pull on December.

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