Wizzard emblems who? Onatel Kiril Merlin

So there is a question how to spend wisely emblems for my wizards. I have 265 of them. I heavily use Onatel, Kiril sometimes in my blue stack, but for blue I mostly run with Frida Grimm Triton trio and Rigard as healer. I don’t much use Merlin, just can’t find right space for him. Would it be wise to do +1 for both Kiril and Merlin and give all the rest to Onatel?

Proteus +20000000000000

+1 on Kiril wouldn’t be worth much. I have Kiril at +17 and love him. I have a 1/1 Merlin and don’t have Onatel at all, so I can’t say much about them. I definitely wouldn’t just do +1. I think that, for the most part, the value of emblems is more in the stat boost than the talents. I’d go with Kiril. My emblemed Kiril is great. He is basically a 5* healer, which is extremely useful.

Onatel, she is one of the best heroes.
And don’t give +1 to 4*, it’s almost useless.


Although the main benefit from emblems is a stat increase, each class does have its own gains

In the case of wizard emblems, the class is best suited for a hitter

There are many excellent hitters in this class sartana insarnia hel and I think zeline are top options, but I have used mine on onatel to give her a bit of a boost on her hits, and love the results

Thanks everyone. I just finished my Onatel and she is +4 now.


Another vote for Proteus from me kicking a@^ and taking names besting teams 400-500 TP higher then me

I don’t have Proteus,

proteus FTW

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+4 on each…

20 +4 talents…

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I have all 3 of them and also hel, proteus etc. etc. There are just too many good wizards making it one of the most difficult class to decide where to spend your emblems.
You already say it yourself that you don’t use Kiril and Merlin all that often so giving them emblems is not going to help you out in the long run. For me, 4*s need to be +7 or above for their class and stat boost to truly shine.
I would suggest giving Onatel 3 nodes for the moment and then go from there as you may at some point down the line get another wizard you will like more.

I’ve already gave them all to Onatel +4 now

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