Emblems dilemma (Lord Loki, Faline, J-F, or... Sobek?)


I have a problem of abundance. I have set of emblems only for one hero and 3 (4) candidates. I finish Jean- Francois, I almost finished Lord Loki, Faline will become finished and now I’ve got Sobek. In red I have finished Yang Mai and Azlar, in blue Alexandrine, Perseus and Thorne in yellow only Vivica. From one hand playing with Loki looks pretty much fun, from another I read that Faline is really good one I have literally no power in yellow’s 5*, and now getting a Sobek made me even more confused xd thank you for suggestions and help

Lord Loki can be any character in the game at your discretion. LB him.


I have seen one video, one player using 5 lord loki and going to battle, literally , no other hero needs if we have five lord loki for raids.


5 Lord Loki sounds fun :slight_smile:
But he only copies the special not the stats, so against modern heroes of the same speed he´ll lose. He´s really only great against those really strong slow heroes.

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In my honest opinion, focus on Lord Loki, fully emblem him and LB him.
He will be great for you
Good luck

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Lord Loki every time but I’m biased as he is one of the only two non season 1 or HOTM that I own and use him for everything except titans.

Whilst he doesn’t quite have the power of newer heroes when fully emblemed and limit broken he isn’t exactly a slouch and with the correct support he can be devastating.

He is almost the only reason I can get above 2800 cups in raids and pretty much guarantees me at least one war victory over our opponents best defence.

Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. Is there maybe some one who could say something about Faline? I read that she can be really hard for opponent, but how does it work in practice?

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Depends on where to use the hero. Faline is a better defence hero, but Lord Loki is by far the most fun to play with. I love bringing him into battle, only wish he could copy one defenders skill and then use it on another

Faline is awesome. She hits like a truck and gives a massive mana debuff to at least 1 enemy.

But actually, the way I use her, the mana debuff almost never comes into play. Mist (c White Rabbit would be even better, but he’s much tougher to get)+c Leonidas+Faline kills a whole side of a defense, no matter their stats.

In that sense, she’s primarily a damage dealer, and while damage dealers benefit the most from increased stats, I tend to agree with the above advices. I’d probably go with Lord Loki.

The solution for that is to limit break him (with emblems at +20)

Never regretted for that!

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So many nice options, congratulations :star_struck: Tough call.

Lord Loki gets my vote. What fun he must be! :blue_heart:

In reality having 5 Lord Loki is not a win guarantee!

Especially if in the end of the battle/raid you are trying to beat an opponent with a healer alive!
Loki copies the healing but he is not able to take out the opponent.
This can only be done by board tiles, which is tough.

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Without a doubt Faline. She is one of the best holy heroes at this moment. Massive damage and mana reg down at fast speed.

And in your opinion offensive or defensive path? Slowly I’m thinking about spending emblems 50/50 :sweat_smile:

Offense emb path and LB.



Don’t know if you’ve already made ur decision but Faline all the way!! LB her if u can… First, 330% Damage to 3 Heroes, THEN, if all 3 are running at the same speed then all 3 get -64% Mana Gen, or even if it’s only 2 at the same speed… Regardless, u can basically shut down the Mana Generation of the most dangerous hero u face, or more than 1, depending on the speed they’re running… She’s 1 of the most important heroes on my team, by far!! Good Luck! :+1:

I agree Faline all the way! Lord Loki is very useful in attacks…but…when your roster develops the Lord Loki is not really a factor in higher tiers. Really depends on your roster depth of course! Happy gaming!

I decided to give them both (i took off emblems from some 3* to have little bit more) but i will keep Faline as priority. Thank You guys for all help.

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Re-populating this topic instead of starting a new thread. I have Sobek and Lord Loki both at 1^1 and Costume Snow White @ 3^70. Maxed blues are Frida, Lepus, Morel, Raffaele, Vela, Alasie, Misandra, Pengi. Between the Three options I’m pondering, who would you pick and why? All three have significally different roles imo. I’ve faced a bunch of Sobek heroes on Raids and his attack is devastating. But I feel like Snow White Costume and Loki are more for offensive raids which is why I don’t see many of them. All feedback is welcome. Thanks!