Need opinions :)

Any idea how to spread emblems?
I have:
Barbarian: 1089
Cleric: 962
Druid: 1176
Fighter: 1628
Monk: 405
Paladin: 1708
Ranger: 170
Rogue: 68
Sorcerer: 379
Wizard: 1085
Reset: 6

And maybe who should i limit break and how to set my def up? I’m F2P. I’m finishing Ariel but the biggest dilemma is how to spread emblems between her and Nadezhda.

3* - I’m also thinking about removing Brienne and Carver, (I limit myself to 5 3* of each color) and Namahage, Skrekok and Wabbit. I think i will lvl up 2 AzarC. I like these green slayers. I think i will keep them both.

4* - I think i will level up second Grimm and use it with regular version and remove Zila Lei. Don’t have emblems and i don’t find really use of her. I was thinking also about leveling up Little John and using him on titans, his costume version. Emblemd, LB i think he has higher attack than Cristobal.

5* - I’m really limited here. I think i will use, Ariel, Nadezhda, Kara, Cristobal and DomitiaC on my Def. Maybe someone can give me an advice which formation would be the best.

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I´d use CBrienne instead of Little John on the titans and why would you get rid of 3 star heroes that you have already limit broken? With 5 in each colour you´re going to be severely limited in tourneys and events.