Whom to trade in Soul Exchnage June 2022

Could you help me with the choice of hero form current SE.

My 5* rooster (without classic heroes - I have them all):
dark: Bera, Seshat (costume), Grimble, Zulag
yellow: Sir Roostley, Guinevre, Devana, Thor, Bei Yong, Kara, Vivca costume
blue: Alice, Mr Pengi, Rafael, Richard costume
green: Telluria, Evelyn, Margaret, Berila, Balbar
red: Tyr, Santa Claus (costume), Zagrog, Yang Mai, Marjan costume

I consider:
Pros: a solid hero, I have a lot of barbarian emblems
Cons: old hero (with worse stats), I have Kara with taunt

Pros: 3rd Christmas hero, revive
Cons: Slow, without costume, I have some solid green heroes

Pros: great green healer, I have a lot of emblems
Cons: tha same as for MN

Lord Loki
Pros: his special skill could be very useful playing against new heroes with OP skills, I have no new blue hero to ascend
Cons: It is not considered as a very grate hero

Pros: Great blue healer
Cons: without costume, I already have Rafael (although Ariel is rather better except fast wars/tournaments)

Pros: would go niece with Thor,
Cons: I already have Kara to do, I have almost no rouge emblems (and other candidates for them)

Pros: She is young hero, I have a lot of emblems for her
Cons: I have already 3 good dark heroes.

So I have no clear choice.

Lord Loki is very much a great hero, I don’t think there are many people who would say otherwise. So since Lord Loki has no cons, I would say it’s an easier choice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great assessment :+1: make sure you have enough emblems to full level and LB. If you can’t do both then consider an alternative… I have zero rogues for example ai wouldn’t consider a hero that needed them

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Thank you very much. Lord Loki won the challenge.