Advice for ascension : Lord Loki or Magni?

Hi there.

I’ve been a Magni fan since the beginning. I’ve wanted him so badly that I was elated when I finally pulled him. My other blue 5* are Isarnia +18, Ariel +10. He was to fit perfectly with those two in my 3-2 blue set up.

But I was also extremely lucky to pull Lord Loki last Valhalla. He seems to be one of the top-notch heroes of the game and far more valuable than season 1 heroes… Except…

I’m already at my third ascension level with Magni and I still really want him. I have tons of fighter emblems for him. I hope I can get his costume some day and have him flanking Telluria or Heimdall hopefully. But I wanted to check with you: Am I insane? Shouldn’t I be levelling Lord Loki above anyone else?

I have my list of pros…

Lord Loki :
-He has better defense stats, balanced hero. He has more overall power. Meanwhile, Magni’s a glass cannon.
-His special skill is very versatile if I face an opponent. The mechanics are so much fun.
-There will probably be a very good sniper any way if I raid with him.

Magni :
-He could have almost all my fighter emblems (still gonna keep fighter emblems on BT though) while I have many wizards (currently embleming Alfrike)
-He can work in defense whereas Loki is an RNG hero.
-I might get his costume…
-I could use him in map levels easier.
-He could protect Isarnia who’s also quite fragile even if I emblemed her to increase her def stats.
-I want him badly.

So what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Thanks and happy new year!

Magni or Lord Loki?
  • Loki for sure, you shouldn’t even ask
  • Loki but I understand your dilemma
  • Magni might be the best choice in your situation
  • Definitely Magni, if you want him just ascend the guy

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For me, that’s the clue. If you really love him, just finish him and then focus on lord Loki. You have plans for every combination, so don’t stop now.:wink:



First and foremost this is a game so do whatever makes sense for YOU to get the maximum enjoyment out of it

I stripped vela of all her emblems I’m favor of giving them to noor for this specific reason


Loki can become any heroes u want either in the past or future.

While magni can only become a magni


Absolutely do what your heart desires. You’ll get more scopes down the road for Loki. I ascended Heimdall over prenerfed Telluria, and even before the nerfs I had no regrets. Heimdall was my favorite hero and I made him even better which made for a better gaming experience. A few months later I had enough tonics and Telluria made it to the grid.


I’d get Loki to 3/70, try them both if your unsure

Magni is great, but he’s kind of fragile — may be built up in your mind more than he’s able to deliver

Key is do what you like, no wrong answer

You’ll get more scopes :slight_smile:

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Unconditional love?

I, too, since 2018, wanted a Magni very very very badly. Got him only in 2020, 2 of him actually, but only placed both at 3/70, hesitating to use scopes on him as my 8th maxed 5* blue hero. For me and with the blue roster i have, scopes are only worthy to Cobalt, Finley and Lord Loki.

P.S.: I also think that OP seeking counsel here is a clear indication that he or she is also hesitating to ascend Magni with a new prized hero on hand. Your love for Magni might have already been divided by the Lord of Mischief :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:. If not, this thread could not have existed. :grin::grin::grin: And oh, i edited the thread title.

Thank you all for your replies. It makes perfect sense.

I need a fighter so I think I’ll ascend Magni first. I can hoard wizard emblems for Loki as he slowly levels up.

Do you have any blue sniper in your roster already maxed?

Snipers of each color are crucial - kinda like healers of each color. Loki is an amazing card and a lot of fun in raids. But I suggest to cover your basis first and then do the fun things in your roster. In the end, the goal is to win, right? And them scopes will come eventually.

My rooster regarding blue heroes isn’t so big. I’ve got just three 5* maxed. One of them is Magni and his costume, which is one of my main heroes both in defense and attack.

The lord of mischief is absolutely more interesting and useful than Magni. I completely understand that Conjurer is doubtful about who max now, and I’d max lord Loki first if both were in the first level, but knowing the effort, the resources and the time you need to max a 5* hero from the beginning, I bet for finishing Magni first.

PS: I didn’t find out any mistake in the title, but my English level is so bad that I wouldn’t dare to correct anything.:sweat_smile:

I only have 4* blue snipers, Sonya and Triton. Both are maxed but I don’t have emblems for Triton.

I had Misandra ready for ascension at 3.70. But then I pulled Magni so he became my priority, and Misandra’s been benched from that day. Now that Magni is almost at 3.70 I have an unlevelled Lord Loki so that’s why I’m wondering if I should ascend him or not! It might be a whole year before I have 6 scopes again, especially as I don’t want to spend any more money in the game.

My focus is on Atlantis and Valhalla hard modes and the problem with Loki is that his villain swing attack is not very powerful against mobs. Plus he’s average… However Lord Loki would be the best choice in raids in my opinion.

The other thing is that Magni has really bad defense stats and if I leave him at 3.70 he’s going to be unusable due to it.

The prospect of a Magni +18 is very interesting and I hope I can pull his costume some day.

I agree with you!

It was a typo, I typed quickly and I didn’t press the D key in the word “advice”.

Thanks Ultra! I didn’t even notice.

I might make mistakes because I’m French :wink:

Depends on what you prefer. Fun or sniper/fast.

I have tried Lord L and it hasn’t change the win ratio at all. But it is the funniest hero. Also the raid take always more time, sometimes up to 10min, since you need to read several card from enemy before choose.

Both are good so GL.

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