Seek advice on my future defense

These are the four I’m planning to put on defense once Vela, JF, and Telluria maxed (1 or 2 mats away).

Welcome any advice on the order or on the last spot.

For the right wing, I have the following candidates (both emblemed and not maxed)

Sniper: Magni+10, Seshat+7, Lianna+3, Joon 3.70
Helper: Rigard+19 costume, Red Hood+3, Onatel+9


I’d put Seshat on the right wing. I like Vela on the flank better too but I’m not sure who you could put on the left wing then.

Firstly… Ascend hero’s for attacking utility first, not just for your defence team.

Beyond that… Vela works best as a flank on Telluria. She’s a good all round hero too - definitely go ahead and ascend.

JF works well at flank and BK has been doing the business for me… But if I were you I’d pick one or the other with Vela on the other side.

Unless you have a deep red bench to take advantage of JF’s crit boost, I’d consider waiting to ascend him… He’s good, but you may find other hero’s more useful to do first, especially as your existing red 5* are both supporting, do you really want another semi-supporting?

Rainbow generally works best anyway and fast sniper flanks are the ticket - they work great on defence and they’re also hero’s you want to be ascending for attacking raids/events/maps anyway.
Seshat and Joon will do the job just fine :+1:

Seshat - BK - Telluria - Vela - Joon

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On Vela, that’s exactly my issue. I like to put her on the flank too but then JF on the left wing seems more awkard than Vela there.

You don’t need two reds.

Especially on Telluria - expect attackers to bring red stack to attack her and… Red defenders are neutral.

Vela punishes that red stack. That’s why she’s so effective on Telly’s flanks

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Thanks. I tried to make use of JF but he does not fit to the team that well as a lot of other people complained. Maybe I drop him.

Joon is far away in mats (4 more darts). Who do you suggest in his place. Yelllow is my weak color as I have only Onatel maxed.

Tbh I’d probably wing Magni temporarily…
He’s fast and he’s blue (two blues in one defence discourages too big a red stack - less red stack means easier for Telly to get going… Conversely Lianna would be the worst choice - red stack for Telly wipes her fast as a bonus).

Yes you waste 1/3 of his defence buff, but he’s still a fast sniper.

Obviously don’t put him right next to Vela (think: Evelyn) but on the opposite side? It’ll work.

I’ll do this then. Thanks a lot.


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