Emblems and defence

Not sure if this is where I post as it’s been a long time since my first (only) time!
Was looking for opinions on where my emblems should go in regards to defence.
I was really happy to get JF and now am levelling him as quick as possible.
I love grazul but not sure on her for tank.
Onatel is a tough meat shield, Seshat is a frequent go-to in all scenarios and with Joon / Poseidon I’m always 50/50.
Any opinions on defence and also emblems would be helpful as I seem to reset hero’s too frequently!! Thanks.


Tanky Heroes - Onatel & Ares (+Heimdall & Aegir but neither maxed)

Wing/ Flanky Heroes = Seshat, Neith, Evelyn, Lianna, Magni, Joon, Poseidon , Sartana (+kingston, Natalya, Marjana but not maxed). Victor is borderline…

Not great defence heroes = Azlar, Grazul, Gregorion, Frida, Athena, Miki.

So some possible defence lineups:

Yurple Defence: Poseidon -> Seshat -> Onatel -> Victor/Seshat -> Joon

Rainbow 1: Costume Lianna -> Grazul -> Onatel -> Seshat -> Magni (red is the weakness here)
Rainbow 2: Seshat -> Poseidon -> Ares -> Costume Lianna -> Magni

Possible Future: Poseidon -> Seshat -> Heimdall -> Jean-Francois -> Joon

Lotsa options :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the reply!
Can I ask why grazul is a bad defence hero though? She’s fast and blocks.
Ares started getting a lot of stick despite being so beefy so looked to swap him with onatel, who’s also high in those stats, and since then grazul has been a staple. I thought she was looked at highly.
Thanks again :+1:t2:

Fast yes.

Block is only good when it is TIMED. an AI on defence sucks at timing… they just fire specials when they are ready. So Grazul’s block is 2 turns long… meh, an attacker can just wait out the 2 turns to fire off their special effects.

Heal is also tiny. Not enough to RELIABLY change a battle… Healers like Ariel & Kunchen are slower yes, but the Bang-for-buck is better off them.

Grazul is a BEAST on OFFENCE… when you can charge her & hold her special till the moment is right. Shes amazing vs. the new meta of Vela/Telly/GM defences BECAUSE she can block all three specials… She’s just not great on defence.

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Hadn’t actually thought of that. With the fast heal, yes it’s low but figured it would go off enough to offset the ai problem but you make a great point.
Heimdall is my priority with JF and will be going straight in to defence but I’m waiting for the tonic this month.
I’m gonna play around a little more and see what I can come up with but your input has helped a lot so thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve used to run a def like:
Seshat / Kingston / Ares / Joon / Seshat
And it was good enough to stay in the very low diamond…but it was a seldom situation that my def was able to win with attacker :frowning:
Recently I’ve switched to
Seshat / Isarnia / Heimdall / Joon / Seshat and I observed that the win ratio increased plus the def (4200 tp) holds 2,5 -.2,6 cups easily :slight_smile:
I’m also working on JF so I can put him instead of joon…I wonder if it brings any changes.
But def team team…if they keep you in the diamond then it is all good :slight_smile:

I would focus al ranger emblems on seshat. Seshat makes a very nice tank. Fast, dispel, minions add hp. And hits like a truck.

Onatel has tanky stats but imho she is more a flank. As a tank her special gets overwritten too often. As a flank you’ll get the 100% mana steal. Note: emblems conflict with JF.

Ares is no longer a good tank imho. Too many heros that disspel his buff.

For now I would go for

Seshat, Onatel, Seshat, Azlar, Joon. Focus emblems on seshat tank till +20 and after that on joon emblems.

From there I would transition to

Seshat, joon, heimdal, JF, magni (hopefully with costume soon)

Once those tonics are in I would put 100% on heimdall and go mercing 30 titans to get over 4 million food to speed the process up.

You need to build Heimdal into your tank. High level troop and emblems and he’s sort of Ares on steroids. And as a long time Ares runner (I had him at +13 before removing his emblems - I can say his time is past so you really do need to move on

Grazul doesn’t belong on defence for the reasons others have listed.

Dual Seshats are good but you only will emblem one to start, so only one should be on your D.

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