Clarissa or Elkanen? Please help me with my defense team

I was running this defense team :


It worked well to keep me around 2400 or 2500ish(only talking about the watchtower, wins and looses).

I have recently maxed Clarissa and switched Elkanen for her. The final result was not as expected. Though Clarissa seems to be, overall a much better hero than Elk she doesnt seem to fit in my defense. At least the early test i did. I dropped to high platinum with


Both heroes, clari and elk are naked. I cannot emblem elk now because im finishing hansel and mist first.
But i can take clarissa to +9.

Are going to be the emblems a factor to consider Clarissa in my defense?

Should i consider any of my other 5☆ stars to do more switches?

I dont know, Skadi, Sif, Mitsuko, Garnet among others?

Sadly , elk is my only 5☆ green so my best bet if i want to use green is to emblem him

I had Telluria at +19 but then took the emblems off him and waited to decide who to tank next.
I had Clarissa (no emblems) and although good, she didn’t last long. So I took her to +9 and was impressed. Now have her at +18 and in a tank role.
C.Magni, Telluria, Clarissa, Jean-Franc, C.Joon.
Keeps me in the 2500 to 2600 mark


I think this is great setup, and force attacker to bring yellow. Very fast plus additional DOT, crazy DOT (Vela, JF and Clarissa). Attacker will be 90% lost if Joon target the cleanser.

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Im running this team on war


The team is doing pretty well. Sometimes the enemy has to use two flags to kill me. So i will ponderer elk higher on def than offense.

I want to try with Clarissa a little bit. She was recently leveled and this

Encourages me to stick to clarissa. I will emblem her because my other paladin is richard . Having Vela in blue makes richard a little redudant i think

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