Help me build a fully emblembed defense please

Hi all, I’m getting headaches trying to build a fully emblemed defense around Telly (alliance uses green tank). I have good defensive heroes but a lot of emblem conflicts. Can you help me decide?

Wizard: JF, C.Sartana, Victor

Fighter: Magni, C. boldtusk

Druid: Zim, Vela, Ranvir

Cleric: C. vivica, C. Rigard

Barbarian: Malosi

Paladin: Telly, Clarissa, Frida

Sorcerer: Ursena, Mitsuko

Rogue: Margaret

Ranger: Evelyn


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No monks?

C-Sartana | Vela | Telluria | Mitsuko | Malosi

That’s what I would go with personally, but if you have Joon then I would put him where Malosi is.

I did also consider Magni over Malosi since he hits for harder damage. However that does make your defense exploitable by Wilbur and Mitsuko.

Costume Sartana over non-costumed for better class (Fighter) despite lower total damage. Since she gets most wizard emblems, Mitsuko would be my next best choice for a red flank over JF. Her mana reduction to 3 also combos well with Telluria’s mana delay.


Probably something like:


C. Sartana-zim-telly-magni-malosi

Big difference is who you choose to give druid emblems to. I feel like what dave posted or either of these 2 lines would be effective.

So you can inform your decision with who you use most offensively or in other areas.


Good comments so far and a very interesting question.

Here’s my idea: Zim-Magni-Telly-Ursena-Malosi.

Rough choice of yellows. Having to split emblems between Ursens and Mits is tough…love them both

+1 but I would flip JF and Ursena

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Think I agree with OG as well. Would be looking for replacement for Malosi as quick as possible though because I dont trust the AI to target him correctly. What are your other yellow choices to level?


Does your alliance have a defense standard outside of Telly tanks? Like, are you expected to go rainbow or can you double up on colors?

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I have Malosi on Emblems for my attacking teams, and find him to be very underwhelming on Defense. I would not recommend him for your defense team. (But if you’re going to emblem him anyways, then go for it, I guess?.)

The only other viable Yellow to run would be C Vivica, as Ranvir is by far the worst druid on the list for emblems.

As such, I’d probably run some combination of the following:

Ursena - Jean Francois - Telluria - Vela - C Vivica

My 2 cents.

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In my honest opinion, your middle three on defence should be
Mitsuko - Tellura - Vela

Then : costume Vivica over Malosi (who is best on offence)

Then I would try Costume Sartana if that works - great. If not swap her out for Ursena

Whichever heroes you choose good luck


I’m going to be honest here and just say “no, I shall not”.

War/raid defences aren’t important enough to justify embleming certain heroes over others - you should be using emblems on the heroes that you’ll use most of offense and then make the best defence available to you from there (whether that includes heroes you emblemed or others you haven’t!)… It’ll get you much further than prioritizing for defence.

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Thank everyone amazing comments!

Unfortunately I don’t really rate Malosi in defense and c.vivica at slow in the wing isn’t great. I like the idea of Mitsuko flank so that the mana cut can buy time for Vivica

@Wormwood just green tank, no other specifications for alliance war

@BubblesUK I loved your comment, honestly the thread was gonna be called “emblem against meta tank (red team) or emblem defense?” But the more I though about it the more I leaned towards the current question.


I have 3/4 five stars per color so they all come against every tank of their weak color. Each of my stacks does well against all colors under 4.5k (around 2700 cups). After that it becomes Telluria only. So the heroes that get the most use are the ones in my red stack (mits, zim, JF, C.BT+20).

In war I fight mostly green tanks and some blue. At my alliance level I’m generally at the top in War (toughest teams are 4.5k). Same in titans.

Green and yellow heroes have no competition in their class so they are unaffected by emblem decision. It boils down to:

Mits vs Ursena+15
Zim+16 vs Vela
JF+18 vs C. Sartana

I emblembed them as I received them (actually about to max Sartana) and the result is my current half emblembed defense:

Zim+16, Ursena+15, Telluria+15, Vela, Clarissa

I wake up around 2600-2650. I can make it to the top 100 on a good day with my current red stack But when I do I get revenged hardcore back to 2500 sometimes even lower.

Embleming a somewhat rainbow defense would spread the emblems and strengthen Purple and Blue but weaken Red (unless I go double red on defense (zim wing -jf/mits flank).

Was hoping the defense question would help me decide

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