Embleming Strats for 4& Heroes

Wanted to get an opinion from this community on the various embleming strategies for 4* heroes. Limiting to 4*, as I presume if you have a 5* fully ascended and use them consistently, you’d pump them full of as many emblems as you can get your hands on.

I have Grimm and Li Xiu fully leveled in my 4* camp, with Rigard, Melendor, Wilbur, Kiril, Wu Kong, Proteus and Hansel not too far behind.

I only have Li Xiu at one emblem - although she has gotten me to high platinum as a tank, I fear that her services will no longer be needed as I have better mana controllers (Hansel/Proteus/Gretel), and better tanks (Ares, Gravemaker) waiting in the wings.

With Grimm, I am going all attack bonuses (I’ll get incremental increases to HP and Defense as I progress the tree regardless), but plan on only taking him to the 7th node as I have a better barbarian (Gravemaker) who could use the emblems. Currently on his 4th node…

That being said, I may decide to go attack for almost ALL my heroes as attack up helps you even if your hero has died. The only exception to this would probably be my purely “support” style heroes such as Kiril/Boldtusk/Ares.

What are your thoughts? Would be interested to hear all the different strategies and math that could be behind this.

It depends on the hero for me, but for the most part:

  • Support heroes / defense team tanks -> go with defense builds so they take more hits (defense > HP with the way Damage Calculation works)
  • Offensive heroes -> go with attack builds to maximize tile damage

One exception for me was Sabina; despite being a healer, I still capitalized on her superior attack and went that route, since I use her mostly on offense and not at all on defense teams.

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Like most everyone else, I go the attack route for heroes that deal damage, and the defense route for support heroes.

However, I may be in the minority here, as I’ve got emblems spread out among lots of heroes. I have over a dozen maxed 5s, and they’re all sharing emblems. I’ve probably also got a dozen 4s sharing emblems, and close to a dozen 3s with emblems. I’m working on balancing out the classes and making sure I have good depth for wars.

I would personally prefer to have a variety of great heroes with a few emblems who are fit for any task, rather than having a small number of specialized superheroes. That’s just my two cents.

I build primarily for a) War; b) Raids.

I don’t build for titans at all.

With pure snipers (Lianna, Sartana), I go all in on offence and boost attack.

With everyone else I go defence; health; attack. Including Grimm, who I consider a support hero.

I run Mono and where I do not have all the best 5stars in the game my attack teams often have 4stars (Grimm, Falcon, Kiril, Rigard, Jackal etc) and stock they tend to die fast.

Each 4 star I bring to fight enemy 4200+ teams is usually facing +7 five stars now

I need them to stay alive to get a special or two off. The bump to defence and health has made a significant difference to me.

Running mono, my tiles already do all the damage I need. And If I get my heroes charged up, chances are 2-3 enemies are dying that round. Therefore the only threat to me is my heroes dying early. Defence is the best way to keep them alive.

Using this strategy I’ve been to #1 overall a couple times (#2 this morning); and have been top 1% in every raid tournament and lead my team in wars more than anyone else - and almost always top the leader board - often against teams with as many or more emblems than me, but almost certainly most of them going attack heavy.


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