Emblem lv20 for Joon

Do you guys think if it’s worth to give 250 emblem to Joon for the last level? He is already fast mana, does the 4% mana gen really make a difference?

Do you have mana troops and at what level?

Do you have Joon’s costume and is it maxxed?

These are other sources of +mana that might add up to something useful.

Mana troop is lv12 if I remember right, and yea the costume is maxed.

If you will eventually have Mana troop lvl 29 I think it is a massive waste of emblems. Mana lvl 29 will allow fast heroes to charge with 7 tiles.

Just posting this for quick reference - forgot who to credit:

Granted lvl 29 takes ages. I can probably get there for my purple troop but my red troop is a loooong way off.

The 250 emblems could easily get 4 nodes up on another 5* or even further for a 4* so I wouldn’t spend it personally.

Simply put- not worth it. This game increasingly requires breadth of roster and concentrating 250 emblems to make an already fast joon faster isnt as helpful as juicing wilbur, drake, a second joon or any number of other monks you could have. I think going past 18 on a 5* hero doesnt make sense in this game with the current rate that emblems are acquired. Especially monk, there are a lot of solid monks in this game.

Ok, thanks for your advise

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