Emblem anxiety!

I have a confession to make. I still haven’t used embelms on any of my heros yet. I keep on thinking a better hero is going to come along and the 5% loss when moving them is preventing me from using them.

I need an intervention.


I’m having this problem with my barbarian emblems because I can’t seem to get Grimm

Who, this old softy? :wink:


Who are you waiting on?

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Have you considered that embleming some of your heros might improve your performance and earn you more emblems in the time that it takes get and ascend that ‘better’ hero, than the 5% you ‘may’ lose if you choose to move those emblems - outside of resets - in the future


I have a different kind of anxiety. I am reluctant to move emblems from one hero to another because I have gotten so used to certain heroes having emblems that I worry I will not be able to accurately judge their reduced strengths going forward.

I’ve been playing so long with certain 4* heroes emblemed that as I begin to move the emblems to 5*, the other ones seem unacceptably squishy now. At least that’s what I fear. For instance, I worry that I will select those 4* heroes for war, remembering how they used to be, and then get a nasty surprise.

I made an exception recently when I moved Sorceror emblems from +14 Skittleskull to Sabina. For several months, Skittles was my only maxed 4* Sorceror AND my only 4* green. I loaded her up with emblems to make her as strong as possible for my rainbow defense.

Last week I realized that while I use Sabina in every war, I only use Skittles for later flags against blue tanks. So I thought I would get more mileage out of the emblems on Sabina.

100% right decision. No regrets here.


Just let go and throw them on someone! :smiley: you will be happy you did. Use them wisely, on a (4* I assume?) that you know will serve you well for quite some time/one that has a unique ability/buff;
BT, Wilbur, Proteus, Hansel maybe?

What are your top candidates for emblems currently?

I always think to myself, heck… I may not even be playing by this time next week… who knows… so I might as well take the jump… if within reason of course :wink:


I pulled 18 nodes off Caedemon to put in Zim once I got her leveled. That’s relegated Caed to late war duty vs blue tanks - so similar situation. Don’t regret it at all.

And we DO have reset tokens - we all got one to start and it’s likely that a couple more have popped up - use those for the large moves (where 5% is more significant).


Here’s what I am doing. I’m taking most 4* I use in some capacity to level 6. It’s pretty inexpensive (120), provides some nice gains in stats, and helps with war and raid tourney. I’ve been in this game 2 years+ and have only put emblems on 1 5* and that was only because I didn’t have a 4* that was worthy (I do now, so they’re getting them). Other than that I’ve sunk plenty into 4* to level 6, especially greens because blue tanks are apparently all the rage, lol.

Just my play style and preference.

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Omg. Im embarrassed to admit this, but I thought even with the reset tokens you lost 5%. As of this post I’ve already emblemed 3 heros!

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Only got 5 4* maxed working on my next slected 4* problem is my maxed is
Kiril kashrek both wizard and falcon cyprian both padalin also chao!
Kinda unsure who to put them on!
From what I gather it’s not good to split them between heros or is it?
My alliance uses purple tanks for war!
Any advice be cool! I have 102 padalin emblems and 132 wizard!

Also waiting to 2 days so I can get my iron camps to 17 then upgrade SH19 then I got a way too use the iron and ham!

It’s ok to split for right hero’s, prob focus most emblems on those you’ll use in defense / all the time.

Use the emblems on Kiril & falcon. Both will he used for a long long time.

Kashrek is a great tank for now, so you could use some on him, but you will outgrow him at some point. You can always reset later.

Cyprian is good as is and is situational, great on missions / quests.

That’s enough on iron camps, I’ve got most stuff maxed, 2 TC20’s etc. and iron camps still only at 13. Make sure food camps are at 20, that is the more valuable resource later on in the game.

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