The Bothers Grimm aka A whiz of a Wiz if ever a Wiz there was...(it's about emblems) 🔵

Clearly I’ve spent more time on stuffing references into the title than trying to resolve this with my own brain, but whatever, here’s today’s conundrum…

I can get Grimm to +20

Is he then a suitable replacement for Isarnia +6?

Can I then redistribute those emblems to my other wizards, particularly Anzogh in the age of Green Tanks.

While Isarnia has a deeper debuff, I find that she isn’t around often enough to fire.

Here’re some pictures to amaze and inspire

Oh, Grimm, such a bother. :wink:

If I emblem up a 4*, I tend to stop at +18 unless there’s a really compelling reason to go further. That being said, I had TWO of Grimm+18 for quite some time, and when I had occasion to use them, they worked very well. I don’t have Isarnia so I can’t speak to that directly, but in general, I prefer Average heroes to Slow heroes - especially durable 4* emblemed heroes that can take a few hits. :slight_smile:

I guess my thinking is: try it! :slight_smile: Worst-case scenario, you waste some Food & Iron, right? Assuming you have extra reset emblems to spare, that is…

Good gaming!


I stripped my Isarnia for Hel but I still use her more than I use Grimm.

Personally I would look at distributing blems on 5* and only 4* who are on titan teams all the time. Unless of course you are competing for top places in epic events.

Who are your Barbarian options?

His final node is +30 health, which is probably useful.

Right, I’ll probably try it while I await something else more substantial.

Gormek and little John…
Obakan’t is stalled awaiting tabards if no one else arrives. I like him better than Quintus, so he’d probably make my purple mono team.
Azlar hasn’t turned up and non-tc20 barbarians aren’t likely.

So Grimm has a clear run on all the emblems.

If I miraculously pull Kage or GM, I can just reverse the process I guess

I have an Obakan +7 on my titan team. Works well but has to share blems with miki and eventually Azlar ( where is that ring?)

For my Grimm+18, I took the attack path the whole way. It cost me 395 emblems and gave a total of +111 Attack, +54 Defense, and +72 Health, to give totals of:
827 Attack, 585 Defense, 1204 Health

His remaining nodes for me would be:
+19 costing 40 emblems, giving +15 Defense
+20 costing 70 emblems, giving +45 Health (where do you see +30 Health?)

When I look at that cost, I see 110 emblems for about 2.6% more Defense, and 3.7% more Health… but those same 110 emblems could go to another 4* to get them to +5 on the talent grid. So I tend to think “good enough” and I don’t buy into the last two nodes.

There are, of course, exceptions. :slight_smile: I have Boldtusk at +20; Rigard(Costume) and Proteus +19, and I fully intend to spend the huge ton of emblems to put Ursena at +20 someday, because of the mana impact.

Anyway… if you enjoy using Grimm as he is, and you’d like to see him a bit more durable, and think every little bit helps - and especially if you don’t have anyone else begging for Barbarian emblems, then make him an even beefier beefcake than he already is! :smiley:

Good gaming!


@JonahTheBard -

  1. From the stats in your snapshots, it’s clear that Isarnia has better stats than Grimm - She is sturdier than Grimm
  2. Her -44% def debuff is next only to Athena’s. It makes for a much softer target for your other attackers.
  3. She hits comparably hard and throws that bigger debuff on everyone - as opposed to just 3 by Grimm; also, Grimm hits only one target hard. Isarnia treats everyone equally
  4. Bonus point: If ever you happen to get Isarnia’s costume, level it. Watch her attack stat skyrocket. Here is a screenshot of my Isarnia and her talent path.


As you can see I emblemed her only along attack path - and still she has decent enough sturdiness (she is no longer a glass cannon at the very least, imo).

I understand you’re concerned with her slow mana speed. But I’m sure you can figure out how to work things around that one impediment. :wink:

Also, I’m assuming you’re placing her in an attack team (as I don’t see Brynhild in the picture :grin:). So, I’m pretty sure she’s workable.

(Here’s how I like to visualise: When I’m facing a team with Grimm and he’s about to go off. I still have some hope in my mind.
However, if I’m playing against a team with Isarnia and she’s about to go off, then I’ll be all “oh, crap. Don’t go off don’t go off!!”. I know this is a different scenario of her in a defence team. But I think that kind of helps convey the point I’m trying to make. )

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I do like Isarnia very much, and yes, she does outperform Grimm with her sweet Def down.

I’m really playing around in the margins and I guess this is particularly about war.

Isarnia never makes the war Def, but a boosted Anzogh will.

While Isarnia definitely makes my blue mono team, does she outperform Grimm?

Their attack stat is now tied at 812… while Isarnia’s can go higher, she’s competing for emblems with several other favourites.

So tile damage is the same.

My other big hitter is Thorne. He charges before Isarnia, and then it’s a question of whether to hold out for another blue match or pull the trigger.

With Grimm, it’s simultaneous and the two combined are a big hit on three.

So I could make more use of Kiril to help Isarnia stay alive, but he’s now under-gunned against my war opponents and, ironically, Isarnia is sitting on the wizard emblems he could use.

Ughhh… I hate that wizard class has so many options: you could actually take half of them out and the class can be still considered crowded. :roll_eyes:

I understand your conundrum better now. If it’s war defence you’re looking at and you strongly feel that putting Anzogh on your war defence would help, then - with a heavy heart, I utter these words -may be removing emblems from Isarnia is the right choice in this case.

Personally, I love Isarnia to the core. My Nordri + Isarnia + Vela Combo melts the opponent teams and I love watching them in action.

Luckily (or unluckily), I don’t have any other leveled 5* wizard competing with her. And, I have already made up my mind: Isarnia is going to lose the emblems only if I get a Guin or a Hel! (which is very far-fetched scenario :sweat_smile:)

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. The best I can say is try it and see. :slight_smile:

But I can say one thing with certainty: In a void, she outperforms Grimm, anyday. But since you’re considering the mana synergy with Thorne - which is also a valid consideration - may be you are better off using them together.

Having said that, here is an idea:
Since there wouldn’t be much difference between Grimm+16 vs Grimm+20, you could try Grimm+16 along with Thorne (or whatever other combinations you have in your mind) before making the decision - sniffles :cry: - to remove emblems from Isarnia.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I disagree, I love your cautious rationale and constructive, pro-slow thought process :slightly_smiling_face:


Another consideration, of course, are the fabled costumes. You don’t have Isarnia’s and Grimm’s has been introduced yet, but if you follow that yellow brick road, imagine a scenario where his is introduced and you obtain it, then his costume bonus would make the comparison even tighter.

Of course, the blue monkeys could fly your way and give you Isarnia’s costume which render her less slow, again, making the comparison more interesting, as @CaptainjaKCsparrow points out.

You haven’t said (or did I miss it) whether you’re thinking titans, wars, or both. I’m not a fan of removing emblems, so I’m leaning toward status quo. Either way, your team will be Oz-some.


Mostly it’s a consideration for war - redistributing emblems to Anzogh, Kiril and Proteus helps with war depth and my best Def team.

Potentially, Isarnia and Grimm can both go on the Titan team as the odds of them both surviving are quite low!

You win the ruby slippers :high_heel:

I’m too impatient to read through all of the replies. Here’s my +20 Grimm.

I think @RicElDrac was alluding to grimm’s potential costume… so to add my two cents… you’ve got average vs slow. No doubt if you get both costumes, isarnia’s stats will outshine grimm’s. But… how important is this? In the time of telluria, speed beats out defensive stats imo. I don’t care if my defensive dropper dies AFTER they fire. I just need them to fire. And that’s going to happen more often with Grimm (especially with lvl5 mana plus costume, which you have better odds of getting over a 5*)

None of my 5* blues, outside vela, since she’s on my D, have emblems. Why? Because I usually use them only for cleans during war.

Obviously this is just a single perspective… but sharing nonetheless.


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