Elkanen maxed or Caedmon +20 talents?

  • Elkanen maxed
  • Caedmon +20 talents

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Rest of the team from l2r - Seshat, Caed, Viv, JF and Joon. I don’t have talents for Elk, used em all on Vivica. Thanks in advance!

Can you post Caedmon’s stats?

Here it is - power - 743, att - 729, def - 746, health - 1197.

It’s not apples for apples and depends on your chance at future greens.

I vote Caedmon +20, more versatile, debuffs, good for tournaments and events - AND doesn’t cost 6 tonics.

Elk is ok, I have one maxed, but he isn’t great. Unless your at 10 tonics, I’d go with Caedmon and wait for Lianna / costumed green / other green


I have extra tonics for Lianna, been waiting for her for a almost a year now. Keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Voted Elk. I think it’s easier to get 6 tonics than 500+ Druid emblems. Even more so since you seem to have extra tonics.

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In my honest opinion, Elkanen with emblems is a beast.
I would put him in my raid defence team before my Caedmon
Good luck

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