C. Elkanen and 6 tonics. Or wait for 12 tonics?

So, here is the question.
Just ascended Zocc and wonder if C.Elkanen is worth giving my last set of tonics.

Full green 5*: Zocc, Lianna, Telluria
Full green 4*: Almur, c. Melendor, c. Caedmon, Brynhild, c. Kashhrek, C. Little John.

Also have Horghal and JackOHare at 1.1 (and dupe Almur and Brynhild)

She is a top hero you won’t regret maxing. She should be brought up ASAP.


C Elkanen, not C Kadilen…

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If she would be Kadilen - yes. But he is Elkanen and do not want to change his gender)


I also got my “lucky” C Elkanen pull.

The difference is I have 20 tonics so I will be maxing him, and replacing one of my Liannes in my mono green.

At 6 tonics I would personally wait for a bit given my own lineup. With yours - you lack a bit of firepower in green so in combination with Almur I think he could be pretty effective. But until I have mine maxed I won’t be able to give any real-world advice

Ah shoot, I answered too quickly. With this development, I’d wait for 12 tonics for Elk…he’s good but not a game changer

This gender change development? haha

What happens in the costume, stays in the costume.

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Short answer: Yes. I would.

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Depends on how many pulls you anticipate doing in the near future. If the answer is not a lot, then I’d take Elkanen and the costume up. He’s not a top tier green, but he’s still pretty solid and he’ll complement your current roster nicely.


Elk just got castrated by you! :rofl:

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Elkanen has no idea what you all are talking about
elkkanen 2


Let’s meet in the middle. My mistake is making me half nuts.

Why do you always want wait for “better” heroes? Play with this heroes you get and build/test your teams! The new friendly matches are perfect for this way to test your teams. You can’t make mistakes when you level up a 5* hero! The only mistakes in this game are the bad boards!