Another tough decision, Zim or Elena for first?

Both at 3/70, but only mats for one for final ascension. Which one is better?

Zimkitha is more versatile and you’ll end up using her more than Elena.
Elena is better for titans… I would do Zimkitha.


I did Zimkitha first, got both. Didn’t regret it. Zim is fast and give attack boost. That is something I like. Elena is good but unfortunately slow.


I have both maxed, definitely Zim first.

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I have had five Elena. One got fed to Zim, the rest are all 1/1. Elena is a decent titan hitter and that’s it. Zim does everything, and is positively amazing in a red stack

Another vote for Zimkitha. Have her maxed, she defends the SH and has all the Druid emblems. Elena remains at 1-1 and may someday get maxed but no idea of when that will happen.

As said above, Zimkitha works in MANY situations. Elena is a tile monster excellent for titan fights. That said, I need another tile monster for my red titan stack…

Zimkithat is very durable, hits reasonably hard and has a fast cleanse. She is invaluable when going against GM and now with Kunchen showing up more often it is key to clean his debuffs as well. She is fantastic to fire after a defense down special (Kunchen again or Wilbur/Isarnia), without that she does modest damage. The 4% elemental link heal adds, seems like very little but don’t ignore it.

Zim it is, thanks guys! Anyone got any experience with Captain Kestrel or Guardian Owl? I haven’t really done anything with them yet.

I’m glad I found this thread, as I face the same dilemma right now, but I’ll admit I was very surprised to see no love for Elena. I know she’s squishy but her tile damage is amazing and I think the counterattack would be very useful in PVE. I’ve been holding both at 3-70 and think it might be time to pull the trigger on one but I don’t find Zim that fun to play with (despite her cleanse, elemental heal, toughness, etc.), though she’s perfect for 8-7 on ‘auto play’ :laughing:

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I like Elena too :slight_smile: I’m a fan of riposte heroes because they make enemies blow themselves up with their special skills.

But I can’t really argue with Zimkatha vs Elena here either :stuck_out_tongue: fast cleanse with attack buff (granted it’s small) and hits all, I can’t really argue compared to the slow riposte that hits all.

Eventually though I think both on a titan team would be devastating!

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Well I didn’t take everybody’s advice last time when I chose Hatter over Evelyn, so this time I’m putting my faith in you guys :grinning: just leveled Zim up this morning:

Another long grind ahead


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