Elena versus Anzogh


Stop thinking so much and go with Anzogh. Most ppl are now leaning towards fast and very fast mana speed attackers so Elena or any other slow hero will be a casualty. I have Anzogh, G Falcon paired with Wu Kong for raids and Nothing stands up to their first attack (even with the misses), just a light clean-up and done. Listen ONLY to ppl that have him maxed and use him, the rest don’t know Jack. After adding Anzogh as my new tank, I’ve stopped bleeding cups as well.


I have raided a bit against Elena and she rarely makes a difference. Anzogh hasn’t been around for long, but I raided against an Anzogh tank the other day and hepretty much singlehandedly killed my team.

My blue isn’t great, and the boards weren’t lovely, but he punished poor to average boards very harshly. Limited data set so far but he seems pretty serious to me

I am going to ascend Elena myself, as she is my only red 5 other than Mitsuko who is already up. Elena is ok, and I will ascend her unless something else turns up in TC20 in the meantime, but Anzogh is very nice I think.

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i tried flank Anzogh in AW , so far he gave good result , no single shot in 3 attempt ( 2x 2x 3x ), before i was using Azlar mostly 1-2 single shot