Elena versus Anzogh

Stop thinking so much and go with Anzogh. Most ppl are now leaning towards fast and very fast mana speed attackers so Elena or any other slow hero will be a casualty. I have Anzogh, G Falcon paired with Wu Kong for raids and Nothing stands up to their first attack (even with the misses), just a light clean-up and done. Listen ONLY to ppl that have him maxed and use him, the rest don’t know Jack. After adding Anzogh as my new tank, I’ve stopped bleeding cups as well.


I have raided a bit against Elena and she rarely makes a difference. Anzogh hasn’t been around for long, but I raided against an Anzogh tank the other day and he pretty much singlehandedly killed my team.

My blue isn’t great, and the boards weren’t lovely, but he punished poor to average boards very harshly. Limited data set so far but he seems pretty serious to me

I am going to ascend Elena myself, as she is my only red 5 other than Mitsuko who is already up. Elena is ok, and I will ascend her unless something else turns up in TC20 in the meantime, but Anzogh is very nice I think.

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i tried flank Anzogh in AW , so far he gave good result , no single shot in 3 attempt ( 2x 2x 3x ), before i was using Azlar mostly 1-2 single shot

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I have anzogh ar 2.15 but combined woth 4. 34 wu kong he is just fun

I dont want to like him but i find myself not using wilbur and khagan just to see him in action…

But i dont want to like him…he is not so good on his own…

Can you or anyone provide an assessment of Anzogh when used in a rainbow defense? Is he better or worse than Elena when it comes to this?

Elena is terrible on DEF because of her extremely low DEF. She is easily killed before her special goes off almost every time I face her.

Anzogh is miles better on DEF. he has a much higher DEF and his special damages and heals which is nicely buffed by the 20% more ATT on defense.


Thanks, Dave. I have only Elena and Anzogh as my only red 5* heroes.

I’ve had Elena sitting at 3/70 for a long time now since she was my first legendary. I’m not convinced nearly enough that she’d do the job as to give her rings. Although she is mighty offensively, at least in my experience.

I just want to have a fully ascended 5* red, I think it’ll be an achievement on my end. I have other heroes that are better but I want some variety when it comes to raids, AW, and farming. I don’t care much about titans as I almost always throw Hail Mary’s with decent results.

I like Anzogh but the reviews here reflect his weaknesses, maybe lack of desirability, or maybe because he is just not as good as the other awesome reds such as GM.

Anyway, I’ll go with Anzogh - sorry Elena. If it were wedding rings there’s no question I’ll have given them to Elena.

Current defensive setup:

Alby 4/80+4, Frida 4/80+3, Guin 3/70, Hel 4/80+4
Right wing either Onatel 3/70 or Poseidon 3/63.

If I get Anzogh to 4/80, I’ll try:

Alby, Frida, Guin, Hel, Anzogh- maybe switch positions with Frida, I really don’t know. Also working Kageburado who’s currently 3/32 but don’t have Tabards for.

Maybe I’ll play around with Anzogh at 3/70 and see if he does the job enough to use rings.


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Well, its quite subjective but the key point is as long as you’ve got other heroes of any element with attack buff (ie: Wu, BT, Wilbur, Grimm…etc), it will works just as good on Anzogh. Provided that the buff activated first prior to Anzogh’s special.
He is definately not a tank material but looks good on flank riding on other team mates’ buff.

Edit: Elena is too predictable and her riposte is nothing with a dispeller. I’ll go Anzogh.

Got it. I’ve got WuKong 2/35, BT fully ascended, Wilbur 1/1, Grimm 1/1. I guess it’s gonna take a long while to level them all up but will definitely keep that in mind.

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Yeah. Will be much better with hands on experience. I did play around with a 3 70 Anzogh long enough to convince myself it wasn’t as wasted mats on him. Even used him on hard Atlantis campaign to see how far his attack and healing goes up with the right buff.

In the end, I decided to let the bullboy ride the buff .


Try their combination while farming at the harder level to experience it yourself.
A gain in healing varied from 1xx to 5xxhp being the highest. The more the enemies, the better it works.

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With wu kong its a blast

You still win some, missed some with the gambler’s stance. But with such a high buff % and more opponents, the gain just exceed expectation.

Ok Reading you all I came to the conclusion that I’m also going to ascend Anzhog , I have Elena and Khagan … (1.1)

But I think Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk ,Ranvir and Anzhog be a pretty solid Titan team.
And in some case raid.

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I had this question in mind for a few weeks and Anzogh was my preferred choice by a little margin.
I fight Elena quite a lot and as pointed, i don’t find her really threatening at all.
Haven’t fought a lot of Anzogh though.
Once maxed, they’ll get the tank role for now.
This thread got me 100% decided to go with Anzogh once Scarlet is maxed!
Thanks for the info


I only have 2 5* reds: Anzogh and Elena. Recently gave Anzogh rings and today is Elena’s turn. Happy to see my first 5 star hero to tier 4.


Yeah! Utilizing the best heroes in possesion is the best way. Unless they are really bad. Then again, there are no worst hero in this game.
Every hero has their worth.
Look at Thorne, very less are in favour of him but it seems like a +5 Thorne tank is not an easy meat in the GM’s world. The likes of Lianna, MN and Albi might have their say though.


Elena - high tile damage for titans and very effective in challenges and quests / does ok for defense raids but very good on offense against teams with alot of AOE heroes


Khagan can stack with Elena even if he is @ 3/70.
He works very well on offense.

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After reading this discussion I decided to max Anzogh. I’ve had him maxed for a while and use him a lot. He’s a regular on my defense (2500-2600).

My red stack is BT Wilbur Falcon and Anzogh. It is very effective and fun to use.

I don’t regret spending mats on him at all. Now, since I didn’t pull Red Hood, it’s time to work on Elena.