Elena, Anzogh, or... Grazul?

So, i currently have 2 max 4* rainbow teams, a max 3* team, and 4/5 of a max 5* team(BT+7 fills the red role on that team). I have the mats to max a 5* red but am not sold on Elena or Anzogh.
Anzogh could probably do well on that team,but I dont think he is enough hero to be my 1st maxed red. Elena i love as my 1st ever 5* pull, but she REQUIRES 2 healers for survival and really works best at the tank position.

For context, my current go almost everywhere team is:
BT+7 - Athena+1 - Guin+1 - Greg+2 - G. Panther+1

I also have maxed 4*
Red: Wilbur+5, Scarlett+6
Green: melendor+3, Caedmon
Blue: Kiril+1, Sonya+6
Purple; Rigard+5, Proteus+1
Yellow: Chao+3, Wu+1

And currently ascending 4&5*
Red: Elena 3/70 Anzogh 2/45, lancelot 3/24 and rising.
Green: Yunan 1/29 and rising, Elkanen 3/49(stopped)
Blue: Triton 3/60(rising), Miki 1/27, Misandra 1/12
Purple: Seshat 2/46(rising), Sabina 3/41, Kage 1/24
Yellow: Gretel 4/51(rising), Poseidon 1/9
(Rising) indicates current leveling project.

Back to my original question, based on what u’ve seen of my roster and situation, do folk think i should raise either Elena or Anzogh or wait just a bit on Grazul. I have every HOTM since i started except Frida(1st week only that i was playing) and fully expect to summon enough between the challenge event and Atlantis + 10-15 EHT that ive been saving (31 @current) for Kingston for the orcish Lady to show herself to my team.


Quite a conundrum. I don’t have Elena so my only experience with her is as an attacker - with lots of emblems she can be an annoying tank, but Guin is far better there. Elena flanks don’t scare me. Anzogh flanks can hurt quite a bit if allowed to do their thing (and with a Guin tank, there’s a real possibility they get to).

I reckon Elena is better for offense than defense. Anzogh however is also a decent attacker in a red team, pairing very well with BT and Wilbur.

From what I’ve read about Grazul, she’s more of an offensive hero. Not sure you’d want to put her on def over Anzogh.

Take Anzogh to 3.70 and try him out, and don’t make a decision until you see what next month brings? How many rings have you got?

7 rings. Thus the dilemma.

I was taking Anzogh up, months ago way too early, and decided to focus on 4* when i got Elena to 3/70 with no rings. Now i have rings, and experience…

Based on current roster, I’d feel no urgency on this. Agree with Anzogh to 3/70 along with anyone else interested in rings. See who works well there and who needs the rings to be truly effective.

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The choice at current is Elena or Anzogh. RNG has been stingy wt 5* reds and 5* healers. So Grazul may be the answer on both fronts.

I didn’t think I would like Azgogh, but I took him to 3:70 and liked him so much I didn’t hesitate to take him the rest of the way. I use him a lot for many different things :slight_smile:


I wonder if Grazuls heal will be that much higher than Anzoghs? His ofc depending on damage done and therefore gets worse later in the fight… but hers low all the time. Maybe she’d make a good flank or even wing though?

I still think you should bring him up, and her if you get her, and compare them at 3.70 before making a decision :).

Grazul’s heal is not that exciting, its the buff thats exciting.

Azgogh’s healing isn’t the best either, but an average mana aoe that both punishes and heals is better in practice than it appears on paper.

With both, a secondary healer is definitely worth consideration.

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Anzogh pairs really well with Wilbur/BT. The only thing Elena is better at is titans because of her high ATT and the Riposte. One thing I think a lot of players don’t realize is that hit all heroes are even better on defense than offense. On defense your ATT and DEF is boosted by 20%. A single target sniper is hitting one target harder on defense. But a hit all hero is hitting 5 targets harder so you’re getting more value out of the 20% ATT increase. As well on defense because Anzogh has higher ATT he therefore does more damage which means he heals for more.

I think a lot of people underestimate how strong Anzogh is on defense. He makes a great flank and a pretty good tank. And with characters like BT, Wilbur and G. Falcon he’s pretty dece on offense imo. His average speed is much better than Elena’s slow speed on offense


Thanx all for the input. I think im gonna wait until at least the Sept. Challenge event to see if Grazul shows her mug. If not anzogh it is. Elena will have her day because even if her riposte gets dispelled, BT/Kiril->Elena is alot of damage and BT->Wilbur->Elena is even more.

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