Khagan or anzogh for 3rd tier


This is the question

I can take them both but if I don’t i can take one all the way

Also maybe keep them at 2.60 until something decent comes along?

I have maxed Wilbur and boldtusk

What do you say?

A triple stack Wilbur-BT and Anzogh seems to do some wonder.
I read somewhere, on Anzogh’s HoTM topic maybe, that it could heal around 500 hp to your team if the 5 opponents are standing.

Edit : Elena versus Anzogh
Here you go


if you dont have *4 mats , answer is neither , better do *4 and full asc it
if you have *4 mats , answer is Anzogh


If you can take Anzogh all the way then he’ll work nicely in your stack if you are f2p/c2p as 5*s can take a while to collect but if you will be going p2w route maybe wait?

I am f2p and found Anzogh was a solid choice.

1st fight in footage below Boldtusk averages about 340 heal while Anzogh is 440 heal off his 2200 damage. 2nd video goes 1 step further using falcon for 2750 damage and 550 heal.

Best of luck whichever way you decide to go


I would do Anzogh first.

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