Elena versus Anzogh

My green tank trio is Boldtusk-Elena and Azlar.

My Azlar and Boldtusk are talented so they are an obvious choice, my Elena is not.
I even have a maxed Marjana which i thought it was better for attack raiding, but apparently… it is not.
I really prefer using Elena, even if it slow.

The reason is really simple: tile damage. That trio can kill whatever green tank with 4 tiles, 3 if it is low on defence or critical.

After that, if i manage to charge them once is game over. Both ot them hit really hard, and those who survive have almost 0 chance due riposte and DoT.

I have an incredibly high winning rate with them, so high that i literally put Marjana apart.
She is used only for wars with a wilbur-falcon trio.

Elena is great, just great.


Im inlove with Elena, and aplaude your apreciation!!

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