Elena versus Anzogh

I am ready to level my first red 5* past 3-70.
I have either Elena or Anzogh to choose from.

I already have a good defense tank (Kunchen).

I have Wilbur and have thought Anzogh might pair well with him on offense raids.

Have been leaning toward Anzogh but he seems to get a lot of hate.

Not excited about either but probably should level 1 of them.

I don’t know much about Anzogh, but Elena’s amazing in a stack against Titans.

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Throwing out a vote for Anzogh, he can pair well with kunchen on defense (and you don’t want to many slow defenders) and stacks well in raids, but really comes down to if you’re needing a bit more heal or want some counter, I do think Elena is a better titan hero.

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I’d like to listen what wise players would say. :slight_smile:
I have the same choice plus Khagan. Eventually I want to max them all, but for now I have to pick one of them.

Elena has a great attack stat and reposte special, which is good for titans and bosses that hit everyone. But her mana speed is slow.

Anzogh has worst stats, his healing ability is also not impressive (20%). The only serious benefit is a defense agains Ice.

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20% does seem low, but if all heroes are alive, he heals for a solid amount, in the 300ish range per hero depending on troops and such and can be far better with buffs and debuffs in effect.

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Anzogh better on defense (tank/flank) and Elena better on titans. Elena is nearly useless on defense with her low DEF stat.

That said if you just need a high attack red for titans a Scarlett with emblems is pretty close. You lose the riposte but gain the attack down


I had the same decision last week. I chose Anzogh as I already have Azlar max. I debated it for a long time due to forum discussions on Anzogh but I have him 4/78 now and tried him out yesterday in war and raids.

As f2p I’m glad I chose him and ignored the chat on him. He is actually really good in my boldtusk Wilbur triple stack with a bigger heal than tusk if buffed and 5 targets on board but I realised he’s not a healer and that its just a secondary skill. With the triple synergy across 5 talented 5*s in one raid he did 2.1k dmg. Now my Azlar with 7 talents sits on the bench until titan time. Takes a bit of practice but been really happy so far to my surprise. When he hits 4/80 I’ll flank him next to kunchen to see how he performs.

Best of luck on whoever you go with


I, too, am struggling with it now. As a c2p, I was all set on ascending Anzogh, despite the negative press about him (Boldtusk is better, Anzogh is worse than Khagan), since he is my only 5* red and I don’t have Boldtusk :(. Just as I got Anzogh to 3.70, out came Elena from my TC20.

To complicate matters, I don’t have a viable tank, and I read that Anzogh might be ok in that role, whereas Elena is good for titans. The positive aspect I heard about Anzogh is pairing him with Falcon, Wilbur, and Boldtusk, heroes I don’t have. So now I’m just stuck; constantly fighting the urge to level him and hoping to pull Gravemaker, if he appears in the next Atlantis.

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Personally if i wasnt excited about either 5, i wouldn’t max either one.

I have maxed elena and do enjoy her in offense at times, dont use her for defense, and she is solid vs titans

Anzogh I’m still slow leveling and haven’t had a chance to use him yet.

But regardless of all the other bs, you don’t NEED 5*, you WANT 5*, therefore if you’re going to max a 5 it should be someone you are truly excited to max and use.

I really cant think of a worse experience in this game than maxing a 5 jut to max a 5, then barely even using the 5 because you find your 4s more useful, then getting a 5 you’re really excited about but now you have to wait on mats and kick yourself for a previous decision.

If you like a hero, max a hero. If you dont like a hero, dont max a hero. It’s a game, gotta be fun. Of course that mainly applies to 5s since 4s are pretty much a minimum requirement in quite s few areas of the game, but at least they’re somewhat common and rather easy/quick to max


Elena no chance for Defense , too weak and easily to bust by 3-2 , but she is good for Titan and Event.

Anzogh is well-balanced hero , he is like Azlar with more Defense or Boldtusk with more Offense.

personally i prefer Anzogh over Elena


Anzogh does well with others, any attack buffer and/or defense down heros will work but the red ones you mentioned have the best synergy due to colour/mana being the same. Over time you will get BT from training camps and gormek can work in place of Wilbur…Maybe you will get lucky at the Atlantis gate so hold off until then before deciding.

My recommendation to f2p/c2p is be excited to have him, maybe he doesn’t stack up in a p2w roster but those of us with minimal choices will find he is good

I put together a quick rough video of a few raids I just did with him so you guys can see him in action and watch his dmg/heal/durability/synergy. Not the best footage but gives an idea:


Both Anzogh and Elena are not really compatible with Wilbur. The damage is fine, but the secondary effect is greatly reduced by Wilbur’s Spirit Link.

Edit: Anzogh works well with Wilbur, his effect is not reduced by Spirit Link, see below.

Anzogh with Wilbur is awesome!

I use Zim, Falcon, Wilbur, Ares and Anzogh in my red stack. Anzogh annihilates the opposition.

He’s replaced Boldtusk in that attack and will never look back.


What about his healing rate? Can you compare the healing with Wilbur and without Wilbur?

His healing is 20% of total damage dealt to the enemy. Wilbur drops their defense by 44% and Falcon weakens them to the elemental by 54%.

I get over 400 hp heals to everyone when Anzogh goes off on a full team. 400 HP heal is 2k damage against the opposition.


Im not sure if you were told this or came to the conclusion yourself but without reasoning statements like this are why probably a lot of players poorly rate hero’s unnecessarily. Elena makes sense due to damage taken being reduced so out going is less but how does Wilburs link effect Anzogh? Anzoghs heal part of special is based purely on damage delt so you should receive the full 20% heal, not sure why you would think Wilbur would reduce the heal?

At 36sec into video I posted above Anzogh does roughly 2.2k in dmg and hero’s needing the health get about 440 back, I’m no mathematician but seems like 20%. At 6.04min without Wilbur, Anzogh hits about 1250 and hero’s are healed for 250ish which again is 20%. Seems working as intended and Wilbur doesn’t make anything worse.

Apologies, not trying to sound harsh but just trying to understand why that was said and to hopefully put player back on the right track. Cheers mate

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Hmm, then Anzogh is really unique in the way he interacts with Wilbur. All other life-stealing heroes have their direct damage to the target reduced, and thus have reduced healing.

You’re talking to the author of Wilbur’s guide here. Here’s the original post with the guide.

Since I don’t have Anzogh, I couldn’t test him with Wilbur. Now I see he is definitely unique synergy with Wilbur that other life-stealing heroes don’t have.

Elena makes sense not due to the “damage being reduced because of +63% Defense buff”, but due to “direct damage being reduced because of the Spirit Link buff”.

Spirit Link affects all other life-stealing heroes like Musashi, Leonidas, Elkanen, Priska, Renfield, Greymane, Aegir etc. Because the Spirit Link reduces the direct damage dealt to the target, it also reduces the healing received.

Apparently, Anzogh’s special counts all dealt damage, including one that is distributed via Spirit Link.
Now you see why I made this assumption?

No offence taken, hope now you understand.


It’s simple. With spirit link if hero deals damage to one hero it gets distributed to all and everybody is hit for less

But ALL the heroes that hit everybody will be unaffected in terms of damage dealt. Instead of dealing 500 damage to every target they deal 5x 100 damage to all targets. So even if the damage is distributed in the end it comes up the same. So wilbur has excellent synergy with hit all heroes.

In practice the Difference with spirit link and hit all heroes is that everyone gets equally damaged in the end, whereas if no spirit link was present, every hero would receive different damage based on his defence etc.


That’s a great guide for everyone, not sure how I missed it. Would it be different for Anzogh since his ability hits all targets vs the ones mentioned so there is no dmg sent to a missed link (for lack of a better description).

Would be more than happy to record some more footage for you of Anzogh working with/without Wilbur in different situations if it helps for any update to your guide

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Well, I decided to give the mats to anzogh which happened to be my only red and there is no turning back ever since!
Awesome on color stacking.
Btw, Anzogh tank does occupied the top spot worldwide few hours ago.


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