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HI all I have a question for those who been playing longer and are more experienced at the game. Would spending 300 gems on an Elemental summon or Epic hero summon, and if so what would be the better of the two for a random pick? Thank You for your reply.


Elemental, higher drop chance of 5* as well as being able to pick the color of hero you want


Neither one. Wait for Atlantis (next Thursday) or some challenge event (next month). Both epic and elemental produce only heroes you can get from training camps.


Most people spend on Elemental but depends on what you need as far as color. Elemental gives you characters only from that color & changes every couple of days, but with Epic you can get anything from all the Elementals combined.

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Still working on Season 1 stage 17. Can access Season 3 Pirates Cove. As for what I need I`m still learning that. Only have 1 team atm.

The only reason you should do a single pull in Elemental summon is if you’re hurting in a certain color. Usually this is near the start of your campaign.

How many 3*s and 4*s do you have? Look over your roster. If you still have heroes to train in all colors or have a good number of them (about 3 in each color), then just save your gems for an Event or Atlantis summon


If you really need the heroes and cannot access the Atlantis portal, I’d say elemental is better. Epic has 1.5% chance of getting a 5*. Elemental has 2.5% chance.

Waiting for Atlantis would be best tho. Try to get there as fast as you can.


There’s no relation between S2 progress and Atlantis summons. If you have enough gems, you can do Atlantis pulls without unlocking any S2 stage.
Next Atlantis summon starts next Thursday and lasts for a couple of days.

You should avoid epic summon because it has worse odds for good heroes than elemental summon. But apart from hero of the month, both epic and elemental summons give you only heroes you can train in training camps.
Atlantis summons also produces classic heroes, but in addition you have a chance for Atlantis heroes and some of them are awesome, even 4* like Wilbur or Proteus and 3* like Melia. Atlantis summon costs 350 gems, or 3000 gems for x10 pull but it’s worth spending 50 gems more.


Atlantis generally gives better results. But Elemental is useful if you are weak in a certain color. I used Elemental holy to get my first Yellow 4*, Li Xiu, which was a good move - I had to wait 5 months for my next good Yellow. Inari, from Atlantis :wink:


Heres some pics of what I have been working on. Team 1 first pic then the rest are what else I have so far.

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Elemental, as you have a higher chance for 5 stars and for the hero of the month.


Stop leveling 2* and focus on 3* right now. Save your gems for trainer heroes, loot tickets and special summons. Also summon tokens are better used on seasonals.


That’s what I have been doing do far. Just wasn’t sure what I should use the gems for and what not.

You have already 1 good rainbow team (minimum *3 heroes).
So IMO, I suggest save gems, use for Atlantis: Proteus and Wilbur.
or Event
Guardian Teltoc: Jackal & Falcon
Grim Forest: Hansel & Gretel
Avalon: Merlin

And EHT for seasonal event.

Atlantis also has a chest AM after 10x pull (and it accumulate count fo the next month if you do not yet already 10x in atlantis, so example 5 this month, and 5 next month, and 1 chest ready for AM).


As a new player, you should also check out this thread for extra tips and suggestions


Totally agree with @grzechol and @DaveCozy, wait for Atlantis on the 25th (I believe?). Much better heroes to pull from plus a chance at old HotM also. If you haven’t gotten through Atlantis yet start saving up the coins, 100 gets you a free summon.

Not that my RNG will have anything to do with yours but I’ve received most of my best heroes from the Atlantis Summons.


Elemental has better rates. BUT only use the elemental IF you need that color. If you do not need that color WAIT till the color you needs comes around. But in my opinion you will be better off summoning in Atlantis 1st or seasonal 2nd.


When I was fairly new, I was doing Elemental pulls. Looking back, the benefit of hindsight makes me feel that those pulls were a waste of gems (to me).

As other have already noted: wait for Atlantis portal.

And check out that thread linked above, Advice for New Players. I’m sure it probably says it in there, but… focus on getting your training camps leveled up, because that is how you can stock up on 3* heroes, then eventually 4* heroes, and then also eventually 5* heroes. Over time, you should get just about everything that you could’ve gotten from the Epic or Elemental Summons. :slight_smile: Atlantis pulls will give you the more special stuff… maybe… sometimes… not guaranteed. :wink:

Good gaming!


I will go with sane advices as the others.
Atlantis is most certainly next week, so you should wait and summon there. The Atlantis heroes are great and once you have done 10 Atlantis pulls, you get a chest containing some 3 or 4* materials.


I’m with a lot of the others here. Only do elemental if you’re really hurting for a particular color, and only for your first team. Once you get a rainbow team of all 4* or 5*, there’s no more need to use it After that, stick to Atlantis and save your Epic tokens for seasonal summons.

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