To Epic or not to Epic

Everyone is pretty aware of where I’m at in the game right now: Level 20, Building 3 - 3* Rainbow Teams (thank you @Rohn, @Guvnor, & @PapaHeavy), and maxing my players through much cheaper means of auto-fighting and loot tickets… :boom: :boom: :boom:


Based on where I’m at, I have several GEMS and will be doing the VIP thing forever… Should I keep letting them build and build for months at a time until I’m ready for some 4* / 5*?

What I WANT to do is wait for an Atlantis summon and try for the following: Ursena, Gadeirus, or Triton (as most of the 5* will come later). But should I save up for the 10-pull, or just keep holding on for a few months?


Save for a 10x pull. You get a discount so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Be selective about doing your summons too as a C2P. Some events and occasions give better odds at good heroes than others.

In my opinion, best places to do summons are:

  1. Guardians Event Summons
  2. Atlantis Summons
  3. Fables of Grimforest Event Summons
  4. Knights of Avalon Event Summons

Let those 5* sit of you do pull the @DrCasey, trust me it’s much better, and easier, to build up a 3/4* team that will serve you much better than any 5* right now.

The 3/4* will help you gain the needed AM’s to eventually max those 5* out so by all means HOLD them, Lock them by hitting the little padlock in the upper left corner of the hero card. This will save your from accidentally feeding them away.

Atlantis has given me my best hero’s. So like @Guvnor said a 10 pull isn’t a bad idea at all but if you are still in need of 3/4* hero’s, then single pulls at Atlantis won’t hurt. Plus it has some of the more powerful and useful hero’s, looking at you Wilbur and Proteus.

Good Luck and May the Gods of RNG smile upon you


There is no question a 10 pull is better and cheaper than 10 times. If you DO catch a 5* there is no crime in letting him set. You are correct you are NOT ready to worry about 5*s at all. I feel Atlantis is the best chance to grab a game changer, and this coming Atlantis will be very nice. Zeline is great, Kuncen is great, Missandra I am not sure about, Posiden is awesome and Vela this months HoTM seams like will be very nice also

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Alright @Rohn here’s a question for ya. I’ve got both Balthazar and Bane maxed, ready for emblems. Is there a “best” path for each of them or should I save them for a 4* ?

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Yes emblem them for now. I go defense and heart the whole way on my heroes. They can do MORE damage if they stay alive longer IMO.

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Not a fan, got Triton first, then Gato 1, fishboy 1 and 2 (Mnesseus), Agwe, fishgirl 1 (Melia), Gobbler, Gato 2 and 3, Pixie; the meth user, then fishgirl 3 and followed by fishboy 3. Then I was out of tokens and gems.

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Atlantis is still about the best place to summon. Don’t let bad draws make you think it’s not worth it.

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Sounds like you got some good ones in honesty…

Triton is a great 4* hero. Probably the best of the 4* blue snipers.

Mnessus, Gato, Melia and Gil-Ra are all fantastic 3* heroes. Highly recommend levelling them for events and tournaments

Agwe is probably the only dud in that list BUT he’s still useful, particularly in rush attack tournaments and buff booster ones.

Finally, pixie isn’t Atlantis. She’s from Grimforest.


Actually, out of that pile, Melia is pretty outstanding for a 3 star, that 36% critical hit special should be great on attack in 3 star tourneys (I have kept 2 of her) and Agwe is totally awesome for Shrikewood (all green mobs and bosses); it’s like he was built just for that quest. I saw a post earlier praising Gobbler but I haven’t fed him anything yet as i can’t really see how eating minions as a special is useful to me (sorry Gobbler, but you starve). If anyone wants to explain, I’m all ears. Finally, Triton does have that excellent attack power (with the healing bonus) but he dies pretty easily IMO, his defence is woeful.

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My bad, I had to go and look her up my notes and you seem to be correct, she cost me ten challenge tokens; one pull.
Edit: and I got my only Gil-Ra too but she is a queue for food. I have only used Agwe on Shrikewood when I realised that everything was green. I finished without using materials. Possibly the only event/challenge I have completed with ease.

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she’s the only 3* hero with a team cleanse… Costume Tyrum does now too but DO NOT EAT GIL-RA!!!

Rest of the heroes I stand by my advice :stuck_out_tongue: level them and use them for events and tournaments.s


She is a queue to be FED, (Don’t panic) currently idling away at L2,2. I just have gotten some other heroes who have taken precedence for the moment. I realised pretty early that her special was pretty good and would fit right in with 3 star (all skills set to fast) tourneys. I really hope she doesn’t disappoint.

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She doesn’t :wink:

Have a look thru the last 3* rush attack tournament threads and you’ll see :slight_smile:
🏅 [Oct 13, 2019] 26th Raid Tournament! — 3* Rush Attack, No Ice/Blue


It’s kinda crowded but here’s where I’m at. I took y’alls advice and am maxing out who I have. A lot of grinding and utilizing my World Energy every chance I get (especially on 5-8 for Adv. Packs and 8-7 for Recruits).

Once I get these guys maxed out I’m going to try for a couple 4*. I will be saving my Gems for a 10-pull (or extra special deal) in the meantime. :star_struck:

This is for @Rohn, @Guvnor, @PapaHeavy, & @YCT. I’ve been working on everything y’all told me for the past few weeks. Now I need more advice. Is it okay to feed some 3* Heroes to the ones I’m going to keep and level up? Here’s my team break-down.

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I see that you have Kiril and Grimm. How many warm capes do you have? I would fully max at least one of them if you had the capes; or bring them both to 3/60 for now. They will be very serviceable at that level. Kiril + Grimm is a very deadly combo.

Or, bring Scarlett to 3/60 as well. Boldtusk + Scarlett is pretty awesome as well.

Also, you mentioned that you use world energy flasks and loot tickets for farming. My advice is that DO NOT waste these valuable resources on regular levels. Only use them during Atlantis Rises. You get more materials that way.

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I would BUT make sure you have 30 heroes leveled for war. I suggest 5 of each color. Remember in wars even unleveled heroes can score some points,EVERY POINT COUNTS. NEVER leave a unused war flag.

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I have 6 Warm Capes right now @lightsmessenger. Would you rank the following for me:
Skittleskull (Costumed)
Skittleskull (Uncostumed)
What order should I level them up? Or better yet? Is my team structure good?

Kiril and Grimm are excellent… I would level both ASAP (if mats get in the way then ascend Grimm first as you have Boldtusk at 3.60 already and he’ll be your first 4.70 red)

Skittleskull is “okay” - slow mana can be awkward to play with unless you’re able to stretch the battle out for it (the direction the games been going is towards shorter fights and that favours fast and mana hero’s)…
I’d ascend Caedmon or Melendor before him out of the classics but I don’t think you’d regret him either.

Danzaburro is a dice-throw… He can be very good one fight and completely useless in others, it all depends which version of his special you get.
I wouldn’t bother until you have 8 orbs, if no other holy came along before that then I’d do him.

Scarlett has useful attack stats but she’s flimsy - if you had the hidden blades then Boldtusk should definitely get them before her.


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