Elemental summon or wait

Basically should I do elemental summons or hold of for a special event or Atlantis?
Also does this forum usually post about upcoming summon events?
Thank you!

If you’re just starting and need a 5 star hero for each color, then use the specific color summons. Otherwise, use your gems on TOP TIER featured Atlantis or seasonal summons.

I never to color summons anymore because I already gotten Sartana, Liana, Magni etc from the elemental summons.

I would hold off for the Guardians event. It should be in the next few weeks and has some top-level heroes available

And most of your questions will find an answer here:

Got a similar question. I’ve been playing for about 2.5 months now and the purple 4* heroes have been eluding me so far. I’ve told myself I wouldn’t do any regular summons and only Atlantis summons, but now I’m reconsidering…

I currently run:

Ariel 2/60
Grimm 4/70 +3
Skittleskull 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Chao 3/60

And currently in the process of levelling Wilbur (and have Little John and Frida at 1/1). As you can see, I have no 4 or 5 star purple heroes and Ariel is the only healer and underlevelled because of ascension mats… So yeah, I could really use Rigard a lot or even Sabina.

Now the dark elemental summon is up for me, so should I do a 10-summon from there and hope to get Rigard or Sabina (should be decent enough odds) or stick to my orginal plan and only summon at Atlantis and wait patiently for the purple 4* to show up from my TC?

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