🦸‍♂️ El Duque - 5* Fire / Red from Sanctuary of Gargoyles

Quite a few people have said they wouldn’t max him if they got him, which I don’t understand. I think he’s going to be very good.


I agree with you. Very fast heroes go off so often and its pretty common for my Gravemaker to fire at LEAST 3 times in a battle. El Duques decent hit plus the defense down stacks look great to me. I think hes definitely more of an attack/titan hero, but thats just fine with me.

I got him on a single pull. So he is in my lucky hero category. Although he only has one round of stoneshield, it is still going to make up for his relatively week defense. In addition, his DD will stack with normal DD which is more than 8% on the paper. Great titan hero for sure. Very good offense hero in my opinion. I am definitely leveling him up and emblem as much as I can and decide if he is deserve LB later.

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I’ve got him today as well, was in the process of getting Baldur maxed; can LB +20 either of them, but I think for now will continue with Baldur. Have Malosi LB+20 with similar hit damadge, only use him in offense mono.

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Here is my LB El Duque, decided on Shield Path


I think someone should try this

  • -80% Def from 10 stack of El Duque skill
  • -70% Def from the maximum of Guan Yu ailment
  • -48% Def from 3th turn of Asterius ailment

And see how much Def the target have left :rofl:

Anyone have an attack path yet to show?

@u2371 In raids, that may not be possible, but on stages that have high health bosses, it could work

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i got him & maxed him out but i duno how useful he is. looks pale compared to the unreleased Hohenwerf. how to tell how many stacks he has reached? I dun see like a no. 10 on his mana bar so i duno when to fire him maxed out

The stacks can be seen on his targets after he cast his move, every hero he hits will gain a stack.

oh so the stack figures are shown on the targets then. i see… thanks much :smile:

I can’t be the only one thinking very fast stoneskin with maxed Ninja troop on attack path and Limit Break might be extreme sports here! Some of these heros seem designed for top tier levels and troop stacks. Yowza!

I don’t rate him very highly because I don’t place much value on stacking debuffs. The problem with those are they are not useful in most raid fights. A hero goes off once, maybe twice, and that’s it. They need to something significant in that special and requiring you to fire a special repeatedly to get something worthwhile means that is irrelevant in most raid fights.

Maybe for farming or titans or challenges he’s good. But for raids, I wouldn’t put resources into leveling him.

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He’s pretty much meant for mythic only

He was in the opposite in my last match and he was able to put 2 stacks (-16%) in my heroes.

Gazelle couldn’t cleanse it

So I carried the def down until the end of the match.

I managed to get the win but it was a close call