🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

Its too late by that point, the point of beta and this is to complain sufficiently while it can still be altered

I leave the beta complaints to the beta testers. I don’t have first hand knowledge of this to do so and I’m not dealing in hearsay.

Besides which, I can’t tell from this whether it needs to be altered or not. I suspect it will be, and I hope for the better. Possibly faint hope.


Any idea if this will stack with the Atlantis Rises bonus? If so, is the bonus additive to or multiplicative to the AR +50% bonus?

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That’s my expectation too.

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I think it’s reasonable to assume it’ll stack, though I’m not sure whether it’ll be multiplicative — though that would be my guess.

Atlantis Rises isn’t running in Beta currently, so there’s unfortunately no way to test this at the moment.


Does the Omnia Harvester Relic also increase drops of troops and heroes? It doesn’t mention that it does, but AR does…(I think?)

It’d be hard to judge that without collecting a fair amount of run data, but I don’t have any reason to presume that they wouldn’t mention that if it did.


What does the beta feedback look like for this feature?

There’s actually considerably less discussion/feedback in Beta so far than in this thread…guessing a lot of people are busy with AR.

Some concerns about the Valor Pass have been expressed, and there’s been some discussion about how the Relics work, and the size of the Resource Bundles.

But on the whole, there isn’t a lot of feedback yet.


Good news but a question. At the end of these 50 days, what happens ? Another path of valor immediately or a pause ? How many path of valor in a year ?



I’ve been wondering that too, but there’s no way to tell that from what’s visible in Beta.

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This is an excellent idea for using and buying more gems than wanted… Perhaps we can obtain 96 silver tokens in 50 days (?) but never 38 troops tokens !


Save all your tokens, especially daily summons ( silver ).


VIP and Daily Summon Tokens are probably enough to cover this.

The free Daily Summons counts too, even if you don’t have VIP.

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For daily summon, it can be realistic but for troops summon, without gems, it’s impossible

Troops can come from daily summons and silver coins as well.


Yes I have forgotten this :slight_smile:

Daily Summons and Daily Summons Tokens ( silver ) have a 33.4% chance of a troop.


Is there a date for release or this is still being tested? The whole “Valor” thing

Release dates aren’t normally announced as part of Beta testing, particularly for a brand new feature.

But my guess is it’s likely this will go live before the end of the year, perhaps in late November/early December. It doesn’t seem like there would be a lot to delay it.

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