🧪 Early Information on the Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v25 & v26]

Does not compute… the forum is no place for crazy talk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When you have an already full roster up to breaking point, this might be harder as compared to someone newer to the game

But it won’t change the type of loot received correct? Ie it will never give unfarmable mats or eht?

Thanks for the update.

Seems like a small token change that is nice to have but doesn’t really address the underlying issue staring us in the face (lack of access to 5*)

Oh I missed this item list, so it looks like EHTs are part of the mix. Hmm

Killing 5 heroes is one 1-shot over 14 wars. It will be more of an issue if it escalates. Kill 5, then next level kill 10, then next level kill 30 etc.


Is it possible that premium rewards could be an additional valor pass to extend your days of playing?

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I may have lost this, but where can you see this new missions and all new stuff, i meant, you can see next to monster\hero\titan bounty or in the same screen where you have the portal gate or even in a separate section like options?

This is not available in the actual game yet, it’s in the beta version only.

No, the current Relics only change the amount of loot, not the type — though they could certainly add more Relics in the future.


In Beta there’s a new icon above Raids and Quests when you’re on the Base screen, which takes you to a new Path of Valor UI with two tabs, one for Challenges, and one for Rewards.

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Thank you, that’s exactly what i wanted to know and that’s great since the screen is pretty full with quests+ offers+ evreyevent that is up like halloween

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I haven’t read all the posts yet, i wiil. I just want to say
Thanks to SG, it sound exellent, even for a not so newbie like me.
Thanks to Zephir 1 for doing all the work, very easy to read and understand, thanks.


If a “strong” player in an alliance can’t take out five heroes using their war flags, then the alliance is scoring at most around 1000 points in war. Anyone ever seen that?


This feature already looks like :poop:

F2p will get a total of 15 rewards for 50 days while premium will get 50 rewards?

Like holy :poop:

That gap is huge between rewards

I get it, players could spend the few extra dollars but the f2p version seriously might as well be non existent, it’s that bad.

Just wow…

And even the rewards themselves… 10 tiny mana pots? Aww SG how sweet, you shouldn’t have…

But seriously you just shouldn’t. That is a clear as day bs “protect our game is 100% f2p face” move that is a giant chunk of garbage.

I’m p2p and even i feel insulted by the way this idea looks right now. I don’t think it could have been done any worse, even for a rough draft it’s terrible


No i haven’t. Valid point

As a reminder:

I think it’s premature to assess the rewards.

This is exactly why I didn’t post them, and included this warning:


I don’t think it is.

The “placeholders” on the premium side look pretty dam nice and very nice quantity too

Meanwhile the free side looks like a big ol pile of crap. Actually a very small pile of crap. Like almost non existent crap…


You mean like the Raid Tournament loot in Beta did? :face_with_monocle:


Lol alright well we’ll just ride it out and get screwed. Yup just like we have with the raid tournament, good example.

Anyways I’m not f2p. So what do i care. I’ll buy it when it comes out.

F2p… 2020 wont be off to a good start for you guys. I suggest looking at other games that haven’t this level of greed yet. Just my advice.


I’m willing to wait and see the production version before passing judgement on this. It could be a great addition or it could be another dud like Alchemy Lab. I’m hoping the former. We’ve had enough duds so far.


That beta loot was paid entry loot that they forgot to nerf and was fairly obvious that it would happen.

The ftp loot on this isn’t going to get better, the gap between the 2 might close but it will be reducing the paid stuff