🧪 Early information on the October 2022 HOTM -- Celidana [Part of The Beta Beat V50]

Yeah, celidana would be a freaking beast back then

She is absolutely a flank hero to support tank and wing

My opinions on her might have shifted. I wonder how good she will be in styx. If she does AOE, she might be the most overused hero in that tower

Friend, slow hero without a differentiated special, doesn’t support anything or anyone.

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On paper this is how she’s probably designed. Even if the tank falls, she can still protect the wing hero really well

I dont have any overhealer and I really want one to support in all these hard events these days… but I dont know if she is the right one… I tried 75 summons to pull 2C Viv and she didn’t show up… maybe this one will but I wont summon that much as she is not an AOE overhealer…

Spend darts on such a hero? no way, and she at 3/70 for these tough events, doesn’t last the first wave of monsters at higher levels.

kashhrek v.30 (after zulag)

she is good for beginner, but for advance players, she just wasting the precious mats imho, healing only 3 is a half baked healer

For beginners, its better to build on 4* and stockpile mats :slight_smile:

I leveled and blemed zulag found her underwhelming so reset her emblems and will possibly throw her in the exchange.

@PlayForFun any changes to heal instead of nearby to All hero’s…Why SG releasing S1 stats hotms with current beta other hero’s…
After telly I haven’t seen a Hotm who is interested to pull as mandatory…

@SIVAKUMAR we will see it in a few days.
I have not got any information on any changes, but Staff usually does not give us any information even if there are changes.

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Hmm maybe I will let her go and aim for Hathor S5 instead.

@PlayForFun thanks for the info

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Typically better in defense than in offense, due to extra def already for def team, plus will get HP based on LL instead of Hulda, making them less magnificent

I’m really not liking the artwork of this HOTM, it’s really discrepant with the rest of the entire game (also not a fan of the Bastet artwork for the same reason). SD kawaii animé style just seems overused, and it’s not what I got the game for. If I wanted a game with that style, there are plenty others available.


The artwork does little for me… I play one game where it is difficult to tell a difference between the hero images… So this is sufficiently tolerable.


And now they’re introducing an anime-style character into the seasonal summons.

I don’t dislike animé, but it’s really jarring with the rest of the game, more than I expected it to be.


Celidana is released.
You can discuss her here: