🧪 Early information on the October 2022 HOTM -- Celidana [Part of The Beta Beat V50]

Lol, that was so traumatic that I erased it from my memory.

Fortunately, the next one will be quite decent.


Let’s be honest. No matter how bad any new hotm will be, we’ll always have Klaern.

Could be interesting to have her as a part of a double formation tank - paired with Zulag :DDD

I mean if they gave her survivable stats… but then, do you really want to build a team around niche hotm?

Btw, Zulag died back when then took back effect on all in new formations. That along with new heroes that are like 5x better/stronger rendered her completely useless for any type of fight/event.

If you think about it healer that heals 3 and is slow would have to be waaay better to make any sense…

Another useless hero that takes up space.

Has this been tested in Beta?

Can Hulda minion defense up be flipped by an uncleansable defense down, even if she still has a minion up?

I am not a fan of heal 3s in general, but with this one I am seeing some potential. Great synergy with Luigi (who adds to her boost which in turn protects her flanks, all the while he himself is immune to everything). Maybe a self healer like Baldur on the other side? Meanwhile if you go up against a defense with one or multiple defense down heroes then you have a really good foundation against them. I love putting together offenses with high survivability and to this end I think she would be a real boon, particularly vs more passive defenses where her slow speed won’t be a detriment and where she is likely to be boosted for the majority of the match.

I am pretty sure I would level her if I got her.

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I have had this tested because I have all of the following:
Hulda, cAlasie and cWhite Rabbit, both of the latter will override the former’s skills even with the minions still present.

Best regards from Soul Exchange.

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for her defense boost with boosted health, could franz prevent that defense boost if the ailment is applied before the health is boosted? or the that defense boost still activate regardless?

Probably subjected to Franz’s inhibition. Because it is a buff first before anything.

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Welcome 5 star yellow healer. She is good enough for my third yellow team.

She would be good in August 2017, when SG released Ares. 5 years later it’s pretty meh HOTM. I have so much bad taste from Zulag who is similar to her and who I maxed and emblemed. If I got Celidana she will be a bench-warmer for sure.

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I’m starting to come around on her for offense… Not defense. I’d want to run her adjacent to another… So they both boost Each other’s health they are at 1600 plus original health and then you have 50% defense on 4 heroes ad infinitum… Sure one gets the shaft… But i could easily see running 2 big hitters, arco, and 2 of these lil ladies.

I don’t love the speed, but i can see it being extremely helpful.

at slow speed its not really manageable… Houlda buffs all at average speed and its one hero :slight_smile:

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Ok… If you have Hulda… Use Hulda… I don’t… I very much would like her… But… until that day comes… This lil lady might be “easily” attainable and prove to be very effective at keeping a team alive… Mix in Xnolphod (who i do have) and she can go off in 9 tiles… Which isn’t all that bad.


Yeah my friend, I am only dreaming of Houlda as well :slight_smile:

I’ve copied her using Lord Loki… And they don’t seem to live as long as I’d expect… But that is probably because in my mind i have built up the sturdiness of the minions to a god like level.

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I loved this hero in beta. Yes she’s different but her health boost is huge and her artwork is adorable. Id like a few of her.


She has to heal all, otherwise she might be mehh just like Guinevere, that’s fine if her special works for her & near by hero’s…

Imagine seeing this back in 2019


Slow hero that only helps the sides, it can only be a joke, to launch a hero of that level, better leave it without, it would be less angry for getting a horrible 5*.